Welcome to TRINITY, the Literary Journal of Detroit Catholic Central High School.

The poems and writings inside each volume below have been selected because of their literary excellence, spiritual tenor, and human authenticity.

It is said that St. Patrick used a shamrock to visualize the mystery of the Trinity, a single plant with three leaves being analogous to the one Triune God with three separate and distinct Persons.

Similarly, our young poets and writers use the pen and paper to begin to own those mysteries they do not yet comprehend.

Volume 1 (2011)

Volume 2 (2012)

Volume 3 (2013)

Volume 4 (2014)


Volume 5 (2015)

Volume 6 (2016)

Volume 7 (2017)

Volume 8 (2018)



Spanish Translation



Volume 9 (2019)

Teach Me Goodness, Discipline, and Knowledge” is the motto of the Basilian Fathers and the sacred mission of Catholic Central High School. For more than ninety years, the graduates of Catholic Central have made a positive impact on their communities at a local, national, and global level.