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Admission to Catholic Central

Catholic Central accepts male students who have completed the 8th Grade. To be admitted to the 9th Grade, students must take the STS High School Placement Test, and indicate Catholic Central as a choice of high school.

An application is part of the formal admission process and letters of acceptance to Catholic Central are mailed out approximately six to eight weeks after each placement test to those candidates who qualify for admission.

Admission to the 10th and 11th grades is based on subjects taken in the previous school and overall GPA at the time of transfer. Catholic Central does not accept transfer students into the 12th grade.

This website is constantly being updated to make sure you have the best information we can give you, and we hope you find it helpful. If you have any questions regarding admissions, please contact Mr. Jake Marmul '07, our Director of Admissions here at Catholic Central.

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