Return to School Plan

Return to School Plan 2020-2021


A Note from the President

Hello Catholic Central Friends and Family,
A few months ago I addressed you and said that we would come together as one school community to not just survive, but to thrive in this challenging time. I also was clear that we could not do it alone, and that we needed the support of our alumni and benefactors.
You have risen to the occasion, and I am grateful.
Through your support, and the hard work of our dedicated team, we have arrived at a plan for the fall that upholds our tradition of excellence. We have allocated more tuition assistance than in any other time in our school’s history, put in place magnificent technology upgrades, and made time for the necessary training for our teachers to prepare for the challenging year ahead.
We are not done yet, and will still face many challenges in the upcoming school year. However, I am confident that we will continue to move forward in teaching young men Goodness, Discipline, and Knowledge as we have for more than 90 years.
Thank you for your support, and please continue to hold us in your prayers.
Mary, Alma Mater, pray for us!
Mr. Ed Turek ‘85

A Note from the Principal

Fellow Shamrocks,
Thank you for your unwavering support and patience during this challenging time of uncertainty. As the summer continues, I pray that you and your families are enjoying your time together and are excited about a return to campus.I recognize the challenges that COVID-19 has placed on our community, and I pray daily to our Lord for your protection.
Catholic Central has implemented the Catholic Central COVID Committee (C4) to address all areas of need in preparation for the in-person learning environment, as outlined in this document. We have great confidence that our subcommittees and stakeholders have created a plan noteworthy of offering our students a clean, safe, challenging, and effective return to school plan.
In preparation for the 2020-2021 school year, please understand that Catholic Central remains committed to offering and upholding our standard of academic excellence. We also must ensure a safe environment for our students and staff. We appreciate your honesty and input in our community surveys in helping us prepare this plan, and it is our goal to return to full in-person instruction this fall. We will look to follow the mandatory requirements and strongly recommended points in Michigan's 2020-2021 Return to School Roadmap. In working towards this goal, we must also make sure we follow our own values of Goodness, Discipline, and Knowledge, and remain flexible for the good of our community.
In the State of Michigan's Return to School Roadmap, Phase 4 allows Catholic Central students the opportunity to return to campus for in-person instruction. Students will return to campus beginning August 17 for a two-week period of hybrid learning that will allow us to fine-tune our procedures with a smaller student population. Our goal is to return to full capacity on August 31. Details on the plan follow in this document, which also outlines the option for fully online education for families not ready to return to the building.
Should the State of Michigan roll us back to Phases 1-3, Catholic Central is prepared to offer a robust online curriculum that will look much different than the past spring. There will be a more structured, synchronized schedule, and incredible upgrades to the technology in our building will allow for a seamless transition between in-person, hybrid, and distance learning models of teaching.
Trust that we are fully prepared, and I look forward to seeing you all very soon.
Fr. Patrick W. Fulton, CSB

A Note from the Dean of Students

Dear Shamrocks,
The Catholic Central Health and Safety Committee was established to oversee the return to school process for Catholic Central faculty, staff, and students for the 2020-2021 school year. We, as a committee, are extremely committed to creating a safe environment for all.
With the release of the MI Safe Schools: Michigan's 2020-2021 Return to School Roadmap, by Governor Gretchen Whitmer and the COVID-19 Task Force, the Catholic Central Health and Safety committee feels confident in our Return to School Plan. Catholic Central High School is well-equipped and prepared to deliver an environment that is safe, efficient, transparent, and compliant with state protocols for a healthy return to the classroom.
We will continue to seek input from the Return to School Advisory Council, local medical professionals, the CDC Guidelines, and Oakland County Health Department Officials in addition to praying to our Lord Jesus Christ for direction and safety. We ask that you continue to pray for us as we work hard toward establishing processes and policies that are in the best interest of our community.
Mitch Hancock '00
Dean of Students/Health and Safety Committe Chair
Mission Statement: To prepare processes, plans, and procedures for Catholic Central High School's response to COVID-19 in order to mitigate the risk of exposure to students, faculty, staff, and stakeholders during the 2020-2021 school year. 

The Catholic Central Health and Safety Committee Members:

  • Fr. Patrick Fulton- Principal
  • Mr. Dave Lewis- Assistant Principal
  • Mr. Mitch Hancock- Dean of Students
  • Mr. Michael Wilson- CFO
  • Mr. John Shinkse- Director of Facilities
  • Fr. Dennis Kauffman- Accreditation Director/Student Activities
  • Mrs. Donna Bolig- Main Office Secretary
  • Mrs. Carol Jung- Guidance Office Secretary
  • Mr. Jeff Baker- Science Teacher
  • Mr. Mike Carrier- Director of Student Activities
  • Mrs. Maureen Gatt- Learning Strategies Center Advisor
  • Mrs. Marylou Swindall- Learning Strategies Center Advisor
  • Mrs. Gail Levens- Computer, Technology and Business Teacher
  • Mrs. Shawn Mather- Head of Guidance Department
  • Mrs. Jodi Siberski- Student Wellness Counselor
  • Dr. Steve Karageanes- Catholic Central Covid Committee/Advisor
Each Catholic Central committee member has successfully completed the OSHA Academy course
Preparing the Workplace for COVID-19.

The School Year

List of 9 frequently asked questions.

  • MI Return to School Roadmap Summary

    • The Return to School (Roadmap) is based off of the MI Safe Start Plan (Phases).
    • As of July 15th, all schools are permitted to resume in-person instruction beginning in Phase 4. This return to school plan focuses on the elements of Phase 4 and return to face-to-face instruction.
    • All PreK-12 schools will be required to follow the safety protocols outlined in the Roadmap which were noted as “required.”  Catholic Central has decided to implement a majority of the “strongly recommended” or “recommended” practices, thus going beyond what is required.
    • Safety protocols that are required must be implemented by all Michigan schools that serve students in grades PreK-12. They are the most feasible protocols that will minimize risk of exposure to COVID-19.
    • Schools will retain authority to enact stricter public health requirements than is mandated within this Roadmap.

    Catholic Central is in compliance with the Archdiocese of Detroit's re-opening plan that has been filed with the Department of Education.
  • 2020-2021 School Scenarios

    Depending on the status of the MI Safe Start Plan, there are four scenarios for the 2020 school year:
    • Scenario #1: MI Safe Start Phases 1-3
      • Our school building is closed to students, and instruction is provided remotely.
    • Scenario #2: MI Safe Start Phase 4
      • School is open for in-person instruction with more stringent required safety protocols.
    • Scenario #3: MI Safe Start Phase 5
      • School is open for in-person instruction with moderate required safety protocols.
    • Scenario #4: MI Safe Start Phase 6
      • Schools open for in-person instruction with minimal required safety protocols.
  • 2020-2021 Start of School Plan

    Depending on the status of the MI Safe Start Plan, there are two scenarios for school opening in August:
    • Option #1 (MI Safe Start Phase 4-6) ***Current Plan***
      • Classes will be live Monday - Friday for the entire student body beginning August 17.
      • We will begin with a two-week hybrid schedule:
        • 50% of the student body will attend class in-person.
        • 50% will live stream the class using Google Meet and our new classroom technology.
        • Students will alternate in-person and distance days. Information regarding which group students are in will be sent out in early August.
      • This will allow for the fine tuning of our new Health & Safety procedures and policies without compromising live instructional time.
      • We will return to full in-person on August 31 (unless moved to Phase 1-3).
    • Option #2 (MI Safe Start Phases 1-3)
      • Classes will be held online Monday - Friday for the entire student body beginning August 17.
      • The school building and campus will be closed to all students.
      • Online class will be conducted synchronously in a two-day rotation:
        • A Days = Periods 1 - 4.
        • B Days = Periods 5 - 8.
      • Classes will run from 8 AM - 1:45 PM.
        • Each 75 minute class period will consist of a mix of live instruction, videos, and guided projects.
        • 15 minute breaks between classes will allow for bathroom trips, food, etc.
      • Teachers will hold daily office hours from 2:00 - 3:15 PM.
      • Student resources such as the LSC, Guidance Office, etc. will remain accessible for students.
  • August Calendar

    In order to provide a safe and smooth transition back into the classroom under our new practices and procedures, Catholic Central is starting the year in a hybrid schedule.
    Students will be split into two groups, alternating days on campus for a two-week period beginning on August 17, allowing us to operate with 50% of our students in the building and 50% of our students utilizing our technology to live-stream from home.
    Our goal is to return to 100% capacity on August 31.
    8/14/2020 UPDATE**
    • August 3-5..... Teacher Professional Development

    • August 17.......
      • Group A = In Person Orientation from 8am - 2:45pm
      • Group B = OFF (no in person or online responsibilities)
      • LE@D Program = 8am - 9am Online Orientation

    • August 18......
      • Group A = OFF (no in person or online responsibilities)
      • Group B = In Person Orientation from 8am - 2:45pm
      • LE@D Program = Online Orientation from 8am - 2:45pm
    • August 19.......Classes begin. School day runs from 8am - 2:45pm
      • Group A = in person
      • Group B = online
      • LE@D Program = online
    • August 31....... Return to 100% capacity in the building
  • Spirituality

    Catholic Central is committed to helping your son grow as an intentional disciple by fostering his spiritual formation.
    We will be following Archdiocesan and State of Michigan guidelines regarding all school Masses, prayer services, retreat experiences, and Christian Service opportunities, as it relates to safe distancing guidelines, and best practices.
    Our Campus Ministry Office is working with our retreat centers, service agencies, and the  Archdiocese of Detroit to ensure that we will be able to offer our students the safest and most effective opportunities for the spiritual growth and nourishment of the young men entrusted to our care.
  • Technology

    Catholic Central's IT Department has created an exceptional environment for the possibility of a hybrid learning or a full digital learning environment.Each classroom has been upgraded with audio visual technology capable of streaming classes live for increased student engagement.
    Additionally, the IT Department took a number of additional action steps, not limited to the following:
    • Created an academic technology committee.
    • Upgraded laptop technology for all faculty members to address demands.
    • Implemented a service button on school's technology page to assist students with online difficulties.
    • Completed an infrastructure evaluation process.
    • Fully developed a lending program for teachers and students.
    • Increased school's bandwidth.
    • Acquired subscription to Google's Executive Education Suite.
    8/6/2020 Update:
    • Students will be issued personal keyboards for use in the CAD / Tech classes.
  • Mental, Social, & Emotional Health

    • Mrs. Jodi Siberski, our Student Wellness Counselor, will act as Catholic Central's mental health liaison and provide a health screening process for all students.
    • This process will remain HIPAA and FERMA compliant.
    • A reporting referral process has been created and will be followed by teachers for rapid referral of at-risk students.
    • The Student Wellness Counselor referral form is currently on our Teacher Resource page.
    • Staff will continue to engage in timely and ongoing training and professional development on social-emotional learning, trauma-informed best practices, identifying at-risk students/referrals, and promoting self care. Mrs. Siberski will conduct training sessions for teachers and staff beginning in August.
    • Mrs. Siberski will also provide and update wellness tips, information, and referral information on the Catholic Central website.
    • Parents are encouraged to notify Mrs. Siberski with mental health concerns by email at
  • Athletics

    The athletic department was on the forefront of addressing COVID-19 concerns and created a Return to Activity Plan for our student athletes, which was considered by many athletic departments across the state as the first efficient plan put in place for a full athletic department return to campus.
    Students have been outdoors on campus, socially distanced, since June 8th with the guidance of Mercy Elite Sports Performance.
    The following protocols were put in place by our athletic department to promote student safety and mitigate the spread of COVID-19:
    • Daily self health screening of all athletes.
    • Utilization of space and outside facilities.
    • Mandatory social distancing.
    • Equipped athletic fields with sanitization stations.
    • Well-designed traffic flow for athletes arriving to and departing from workouts.
    • Utilization of the NSCA Safety Checklist to maintain cleanliness of facilities.
    • Consistent communication.
    Catholic Central will continue to work in collaboration with the MHSAA, Michigan Department of Health, and National Federation of High Schools to ensure all protocols are in compliance.
    Sports seasons are determined by the MHSAA.Catholic Central is a member of this association; therefore, we will participate in the schedule presented by the MHSAA.
  • Co-Curriculars

    With the variety of clubs and other co-curricular activities at Catholic Central, we are looking to each group in order to develop their best mode of operation.
    It will be up to each moderator of any co-curricular club/activity to submit a plan in writing to the Administration for approval.
    We understand that the activities on campus are a huge part of student life at Catholic Central, and want to do the best we can to help them operate in a safe manner.
    Students currently involved in a club should contact their moderator to help develop a plan. Incoming students will learn more information about all clubs and activities sometime in September.

The School Day

List of 11 frequently asked questions.

  • School Nurse

    Catholic Central is taking all efforts to ensure the health and safety of our young men, faculty, staff, and community.
    UPDATE 8/19/2020
    In response to the challenges that COVID-19 brings to education, Catholic Central has partnered with Americare Medical, Inc to provide full time coverage with a school nurse in the building. The School Nurse will be well versed in the rules and regulations of HIPAA and FERPA.
    We have designated a room as an onsite clinic that will allow us to isolate students who are not feeling well, and a separate entrance for families to pick up their son if needed.
    You can contact the nurse at or by phone at 248-596-3820
  • PPE & Mask Requirement

    • Facial coverings (masks) must be worn at all times when in the building.
      • Masks must cover mouth and nose.
      • Masks may only be removed while eating with social distancing being practiced.
      • Bandannas are not acceptable as face coverings (8/6/2020 update)
    • With authorization from a primary care provider, a face shield may be considered by administration.
      • A teacher or student may request an individual with a face shield to don a mask for close proximity instruction, eg. asking for assistance with a problem, evaluation, tutoring, or similar interactions (8/6/2020 update).
    • If a student is unable or unwilling to wear a mask or shield, he will be required to take classes digitally/online through Shamrock LEAD.
    • Students must provide their own face covering each day.
    • Homemade masks should be washed daily.
    • Masks designs and colors must remain simple, plain, and/or Catholic Central endorsed.
    • Masks with advertising, writing, and/or logos other than Catholic Central related are not permitted.
    • Gloves are not permitted due to possible outside contamination.
  • Screening for Staff & Students

    • Catholic Central will continue to work with the local health department to create an efficient and effective tracking/screening system in accordance with CDC guidelines.
    • A three question online self-health survey must be completed by students and staff each morning before arriving to school.
    • If students or staff feel symptomatic, have a temperature higher than 100.4, or exhibit respiratory or gastrointestinal symptoms, they must stay home and report symptoms to school nurse immediately.
    • The school nurse's office has been designated, and will be used for those students who become ill at school.This will allow for proper isolation.
    • Upon reporting illness or symptoms, students and staff will be placed in "Tracking Process" managed by the school nurse.
    • COVID-19 symptomatic students sent home from school must be kept home until they have tested negative for COVID, have completely recovered according to CDC and local health department guidelines, or provide authorization to return to school by their health care provider.
      • All communication must take place through the school nurse.
  • Daily School Entry

    • The school building will open at 6:30 AM (update 8/6/2020)
    • All students and staff are required to conduct a three question self-health survey before entering the building.
      • The Student Health Survey will be completed and recorded on a Phone/App.
    • Students must enter through main entrance to have temperature taken by temporal scanning kiosks.
    • A Student with a temperature of 100.4 or below and with phone screen displaying a self-health survey has been completed will be allowed to enter.
    • A student with a temperature above 100.4 will be taken directly to an isolation room to await parent pick-up.
    • Family members or guests are asked to refrain from entering the school building except under extenuating circumstances as defined by administration.
    • Staff will enter either through academic wing entrance or main entrance and sign-in in accordance with the County Health Department.
    • Sanitizing stations are located at entry points and throughout the building.

    Parents: To help maintain a level of safety, Catholic Central is asking that you utilize methods of communication that do not require entry such as myCC, email, and  Google Meet.
  • Spacing & Movement

    • Teachers will do their best to maintain social distancing with students.
    • Signage is placed throughout the building to promote proper social distancing.
    • Markers will be used at six foot intervals where line formations will take place.
    • The Media Center, cafeteria, waiting areas, and reception areas are marked for social distancing.
    • Desks are rearranged to face the same direction.
    • All vendors entering the building will be screened, must wear a mask, and must sanitize hands upon entry to the building.
    • Classroom windows may be opened- weather permitting.
    • Staff will monitor arrival and dismissal times to encourage social distancing.
    • Physical Education classes will take place outside when possible.
    • The cafeteria and large gymnasium will be utilized for lunch to accommodate proper social distancing.
    • The large gymnasium will be utilized before school and after school to accommodate students who arrive early or depart late.
    • School Masses may be allowed, provided that all Archdiocese of Detroit Mass guidelines are followed.
  • Hygiene

    • Catholic Central is properly equipped with an adequate amount of supplies to support healthy hygiene behaviors.
    • Portable sanitizing stations that contain at least 60% alcohol are located throughout all hallways.
    • Classrooms are equipped with a sanitization station to be used upon entering and exiting the classroom.
    • Signage is updated to reinforce social distancing and proper hand washing techniques.
    • Sanitization stations are frequently checked and refilled.
    • Catholic Central is prepared to teach and reinforce proper hand washing techniques utilizing our morning announcements and signage throughout the building.
    • Students/staff are encouraged to cough and sneeze into their elbows or to cover their mouths with tissue. Tissues should be thrown into trash and hands washed immediately.
  • Food Service Plan

    The Catholic Central Food Service sub-committee has worked extremely hard with TruFood leadership to create as safe of an environment as possible for our students while focusing on five areas: student safety, cafeteria and food preparation, distribution of food & utensils, student seating/lunch line, and TruFood employees.
    TruFood, along with the CC Food Service sub-committee, has established the following protocols for lunch service:
    • Utilization of large gymnasium to provide additional seating with social distancing.
    • Mandatory mask wearing until seated with lunch.
    • Parent utilization of TruFood Account Setup to eliminate use of cash and coin at register.
    • Implementation of student lanyards with school ID's/Bar Code to eliminate the use of touch screens.
    • Improved flow of hot lunch lines to reduce traffic congestion.
    • Utilization of partition stanchions to improve entry to and exit of cafeteria.
    • Proper PPE for cooks and lunch staff, including facial coverings at all times.
    • Meals are pre-packaged and available in carry out style.
    • Removal of all self-service stations and vending machines.
    • Sanitizing of each table in between lunches.
    • Mandatory floor markers to promote social distancing.
    TruFood food service procedures are in compliance with the Oakland County Health Department guidelines. TruFood's Accountability Officer has been delegated to ensure safety procedures are being followed.
  • Facilities & Maintenance

    Catholic Central is committed to following the requirements of the MI Safe Schools RoadmapWe have implemented and/or taken the following facility actions to prepare for the 2020-2021 school year:
    • Upgraded from a MERV-8 to a MERV-14 Air Filtration System.
      • MERV-14 filters particles out of the air down to the size of 0.3-1.0 microns, greatly diminishing any chance of circulating aerosols with infectious SARS-CoV 2. These are the filters recommended for hospital operating rooms.
      • This is above and beyond what is recommended by Harvard Schools for Health, and the MI Safe Schools Roadmap.
      • Click here to view an NBC Nightly News segment on the importance of air filters.
    • Created and tested a COVID-19 Emergency Cleaning Protocol.
    • Created and coordinated use of visual controls or signage.
    • Taken measures to control materials and supply chain for cleaning, disinfection and PPE supplies per the CDC and Oakland County Health Department guidelines.
    • Established a supply of disinfectant and/or wipes in each classroom adequate to clean all desks after each period.
    • Supplied office areas with protection dividers to create safer environment.
    • Deep cleaned the building in preparation for 2020-2021 school year.
    • Acquired and installed more than thirty additional hand sanitizing stations inside the building, and ten exterior sanitizing stations.
    • Ensured that all maintenance staff members obtained OHSA Certification in Preparing Workplaces for COVID-19.
    • Contracted third party cleaning companies for additional support in deep cleaning building as needed.
    • Acquired Clorox 360 Electrostatic sprayer for quick optimization in disinfecting school classrooms, offices, gymnasiums and more with positive case identification.
  • Transportation

    Catholic Central plans to continue to provide a contracted bus transportation service, in partnership with First Student, for students who need assistance in getting to and from school each day.
    First Student is actively involved in the development of the Michigan Safe Schools Roadmap plan, and has put in place a number of best-practice processes to keep riders safe.
    • Utilization of hand sanitizer before entering and exiting bus.
    • Required use of face masks while on bus.
    • Cleaning and disinfecting of buses utilizing ZOONO Z-71, a product with antimicrobial nano spike technology that kills the COVID virus, mold spores, and pathogens on contact..
    • Social distancing when feasible.
    • Windows open, weather permitting.
    UPDATE 8/14/2020
    Bus routes will begin on Monday, August 17.
    Catholic Central is in the process of setting up a school account with CarpoolToSchool.
    We will send information to families with full information once details are finalized.
  • Positive Cases

    • COVID-19 symptomatic students sent home from school must be kept home until they have tested negative for COVID, have completely recovered according to CDC and local health department guidelines, or provide authorization to return to school by their health care provider.
    • UPDATE 8/14/2020 - If a student or anyone living with the student has a positive test, the student must quarantine for 14 days.
    • UPDATE 8/14/2020 - If a student is experiencing suspected symptoms, or if you have questions about COVID-19 please contact the school nurse at or 248-596-3820.
    • UPDATE 9/2/20 - Catholic Central will continue to utilize a test-based return strategy due to the ability to test onsite and for the safety and well-being of our community.   A symptom-based return strategy will be utilized only after a second positive.  
    • UPDATE 9/2/20 - COVID-19 symptomatic students sent home from school must be kept home until they have tested negative for COVID.  If a second test reports positive, the student will be required to isolate for an additional six days prior to return. 
    • Test locations can be found using the testing locator.
    • Test sites offer free testing, without doctor's order.
    • Staff who become ill must notify their direct supervisor and report for off-site testing immediately.
    • Symptomatic students and staff will be kept home until they have tested negative for COVID-19 or have been released from isolation according to CDC guidelines.
    • Families will be notified of the presence of any clinically diagnosed cases of COVID-19 in the classroom and/or school to encourage closer observation for any symptoms at home.HIPAA and FERPA rules apply.
    • If a student tests positive, he must notify the school nurse immediately.
    • At this time, according to, empiric testing of all students or staff members in the class is not recommended. Only those that develop symptoms require testing for COVID-19.
    • Catholic Central will cooperate with the local public health department if a confirmed case of COVID-19 is identified, and, in particular, collect the contact information for any close contacts of the affected individual from two days before the individual person showed symptoms to the time when the individual was last present at the school.
    • The local health department will initiate contact tracing, following regular public health practice.
    • Quarantined students will still be expected to attend class digitally while at home, unless they are physically unable to do so.
    • Students who are awaiting a test result must quarantine.
  • Shamrock LEAD (Fully Online Option)

    All students will be provided the opportunity to stay 100% online through our Shamrock LEAD setup, even as we move to Phase 4 or higher.
    Families must request a spot in the Shamrock LEAD program through the completion of an Online Request Form before August 10.
    Families are required to commit to a full quarter, at minimum. At the end of the first quarter, families will have the ability to opt back in to the building should they wish to do so. Families may also choose to switch to the LEAD program at the start of the following quarter.
    The online option will match the regular daily schedule for all other students. LEAD students will live stream into their classes from home, and attendance will be recorded as usual.
    Students who become sick throughout the school year, are asked to quarantine, or are unable to return to the classroom for other reasons will be able to use the Shamrock LEAD setup to transition between in-person and online learning throughout the year.
    For those students who are unable to sustain the hours of a regular school day, class lectures will be recorded and stored in a digital library for easy (and continued access) at the students’ ability, with permission from the administration.
    Students who participate in the Shamrock LEAD program are eligible for all co-curricular activities.
“Teach Me Goodness, Discipline, and Knowledge” is the motto of the Basilian Fathers and the sacred mission of Catholic Central High School. For ninety years, the graduates of Catholic Central have made a positive impact locally, nationally, and around the world.