Prayer and Special Needs Requests

With 9 Basilian Priests and more than 1,000 students, the Catholic Central family is a powerful source of prayer and support. If you have an intention you would like us to keep in mind, please login to MyCC and click on the Prayer Request tile on the Resource Board. 

Prayer requests are published below for those who asked that their request be shared with the CC family. 

Prayer Requests

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  • Mothers' Club Prayer Requests (1/17/20)

    Dear Prayer Warriors,
    Our prayers are requested and needed to help each other in times of need.  Please take a moment to remember these people in your prayers today:
    Please pray for Dominic (Tony) Boscarino, Father in law to George Fadool ’77, Father to Debbie Fadool and Grandfather to Logan ’22. Dominic is 98 years old and his health is weakening.  He’s been in a hospital for 1.5 weeks and due to a severe decline in his condition he has currently being transferred to Hospice. They are asking for prayers that he passes quickly into our Lord’s arms and will no longer suffer.
    Bill Schultz, brother to Rosemary Davidson our Mothers’ Club Recording Secretary and Uncle to Charlie'17 and Billy '20.  Bill has been battling many serious health issues including cancer.  His condition is weakening and our fever ant prayers are needed.
    May the Holy Spirit give these suffering people and their grieving families a sense of calming peace.
    Almighty God,
    you are the only source of health and healing.
    In you there is calm,
    and the only true peace in the universe.
    Grant to each one of us your children
    an awareness of your presence,
    and give us perfect confidence in you.
    In all pain and weariness and anxiety
    teach us to yield ourselves to your never failing care,
    knowing that your love and power surround us,
    trusting in your wisdom and providence
    to give us health and strength and peace
    when your time is best;
    through Jesus Christ our Lord.
    Mary Alma Mater, pray for us               
    St. Basil the Great, pray for us
    With Sincerity,
    Bridget Stockton
    Catholic Central Mothers’ Club Past President 2019-2020
  • For relief from progression of Parkinson's

    Kathy Dominski - Aunt of Ross Johanningsmeier 2021
  • Special Need Request for John Cicchelli's '66 wife, Vicki

    • We Need Your Help. I am John Cicchelli, Class of '66. My wife, Vicki, needs a kidney transplant. Please read her story. Thank you.

      I am asking for a few minutes of your time. I am not good at asking for anything, but I am forced at this point in my like to do so.

      In 2012 my doctor required a CAT Scan. The results found I had a mass on my right kidney and, because it was quite large, both the kidney and the mass had to be removed. Fortunately, the outcome was very positive, no cancer. I have led a very normal life since, until last fall. I was told by my doctor that I need a kidney transplant. My left kidney is failing. I have been unwillingly thrown into the world of transplants. I feel lucky to be living in a world where it is possible to be helped. I need to find a match, a donor, someone willing or someone you know willing to donate a kidney.

      Life can be normal with one kidney. Donors are screened by U of M and all information is very confidential. Please call me for more information, and thank you for your thoughtful consideration. I have to try to reach as many people as possible...the reason for my request. Thank you forever!

      Vicki Cicchelli (810) 229-9934
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