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Veteran Bryan Abell Presents CC With Memorial American Flag

During the Memorial Blessing, former Shamrock and military veteran Bryan Abell presented Catholic Central High School with a memorial American Flag. 

The flag was flown over the Rumalyn Landing Zone American base in Syria from March 15, 2023 to August 1, 2023, before being taken down and delivered to CC. The flag comes with a certificate of authenticity. It was proudly displayed “in the face of the enemy, symbolizing the sovereign power of the United States of America and the unwavering resolve to keep our country safe” – as noted on the memorial plaque.  

Bryan attended Catholic Central for three years before leaving during his junior year to play hockey in Chicago. He played Junior Hockey for several years before attending college at Michigan State University, where he graduated from the Eli Broad College of Business with a Bachelor of Arts in Finance and a minor in Risk Management and Insurance. Currently, he is an Infantry Officer in the Michigan Army National Guard and works full-time for GM Financial as a Scrum Master.  

Outside of his employment and military service, Bryan runs a 501(c)(3) non-profit called the Stronger Warrior Foundation that Catholic Central helps support. The goal of the organization is to support active and retired service members and their families financially, physically, and mentally. The organization seeks to help service members that have become paralyzed, amputated, blind, or deaf from accidents related to service.  

Stronger Warrior sends care packages to military members overseas and supports their mental and physical health and well-being here at home. The organization provides veterans with two primary service programs: 

  • Mission Resupply: The goal of this program is to send 1,000 care packages to deployed service members by the end of 2023. Care packages are made from 100% USA hand-built crates that are personalized by staff. 

  • Adaptive Warrior: This program helps build adaptive housing modifications to help veterans with limitations and disabilities in their everyday life.  

The Adaptive Warrior foundation also provides resources for veterans on their website. To date, the organization has raised over $80,000 for disabled veterans and sent over 800 care packages overseas. 

Bryan credits Catholic Central for helping shape the life he has now.  

“My biggest memory of Catholic Central is the comradery. I still have it with the military service, but the comradery you have here with your fellow brothers is unparalleled. Even in the military, there’s still something to be said about Catholic Central that can’t be replicated. It shapes the foundation to move forward and work with on a team, but also to be a good person,” he stated. 

“Lots of things have changed on campus with the new renovations of the Hall of Science, but so many things haven’t changed, like the great people that are so welcoming and they’re still teaching young men how to be the best they can be. It’s amazing,” Bryan continued.  

He was impressed with the Hall of Science, stating “I can’t even put it into words. When you walk in there, it’s larger than life. The fact that people are going to have the opportunity to go in there and learn at this age – colleges don’t have this stuff. People that get to come here through the good works of Catholic Central are being set up for success in the future. They’re innovating and pushing everyone forward by putting in a place like that.” 

For young men considering following in Bryans’ footsteps, he recommends considering the military.  

“If you’re thinking about the military, it’s a great option. It’s going to help develop you down the road. It’s going to help make you a better person and leader. It’s going to help you whether you’re in the military or private sector. There are so many options after CC. Be a sponge. Learn from those around you. With your time here at CC, take advantage of it because I wish I could go back in time and still be a student here.” 

To support the Stronger Warrior’s efforts, please consider donating: 

  • $20 helps the team do landscaping work for a disabled veteran. 

  • $45 sends a personalized care package to a deployed soldier. 

  • $75 supplies soldiers with tactical equipment before they are deployed. 

  • $100 helps fund home renovations for disabled veterans.  

Donations can be made by visiting the Stronger Warrior Foundation. 

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