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Students Learn to Dress For Success through DRIVE Development Day with Sam Michael's Menswear

Detroit Catholic Central High School hosted a DRIVE Development Day Friday with Sam Michael's Menswear Representative Dennis Young, who spoke on the topic "Dress for Success: Appearance Does Matter". With over 50 years of experience in the men's clothing industry, Mr. Young shared his insights on the importance of appearance in all aspects of life, wardrobe building, fit, tailoring, and quality. He also provided tips on what constitutes business casual and how to ace your next interview.

During the presentation, Mr. Young stressed that appearance still matters in today's world, despite the changing trends in fashion. "Your appearance will matter from the time you leave here, to when you have your first interview, to when you're meeting the parents of your future spouse," he said. He emphasized the importance of making a positive impression through appropriate dress and grooming, which can lead to increased confidence and self-esteem.

However, Mr. Young also cautioned that while appearance is important, it's not everything. "What's more important is what's on the inside," he said. "Our culture tells us 'clothing makes the man', but that couldn't be further than the truth. God cares about what's inside," he said. 

In addition to discussing the importance of appearance, Mr. Young also shared the history of how dress has evolved over time, from the formal attire of the past to the more casual styles of today. He gave practical advice on how to build a wardrobe that is both stylish and versatile, and emphasized the importance of fit and tailoring in achieving a polished look.

The presentation was well-received by students and faculty alike, who appreciated the practical tips and insights shared by Mr. Young. As a college preparatory, Catholic Central places a strong emphasis on character development and preparing students for success in all areas of life, and the DRIVE Development Day with Mr. Young was a valuable opportunity for students to learn more about how appearance can impact their personal and professional lives.

The Catholic Central DRIVE Development Day series brings professional learning opportunities to students across grade levels to hone their leadership skills and gain real-world experience. Students are encouraged to utilize Friday DRIVE Holidays to invest in their futures by participating in DRIVE Development Days. Opportunities vary each year, ranging from college visits to wealth management skills.


Sam Michael's Menswear is the official men's clothier of Detroit Catholic Central High School.

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