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Students Display Their Best Talents During Fine Arts Week

Catholic Central High School students put their best artwork on display during Fine Arts Week, held between April 26 and May 2, 2024. The week-long fine arts tribute was held at CC and featured the work of several art departments, including performing arts and visual arts.

Students in arts and ceramics classes proudly displayed their drawings and ceramic works in the halls of Catholic Central, just outside the cafeteria. The ceramic pieces were displayed in glass cases while the hand-draw art was featured on large boards. 

The Performing Arts Department kicked off Fine Arts Week by performing the play Our Town by Thornton Wilder on April 26 and 27. The play is described by American Playwright Edward Albee as “the greatest American play ever written.”

According to the book, Our Town follows the small town of Grover's Corners in three acts: “Daily Life,” “Love and Marriage,” and “Death and Eternity.” The play is narrated by a stage manager and performed with only a few props and sets. The story is about two families and their children, who fall in love, marry, and eventually die in one of the most famous scenes in American theater.

The cast was as follows: 

  • Stage Manager: Augustine Cabello ‘24

  • Dr. Gibbs: Caleb Adam ‘25

  • Joe Crowell: Jacob Brown ‘24         

  • Howie Newsome: Louis Weber ‘25

  • Mrs. Gibbs: Maddie Leneschmidt

  • Mrs. Webb: Alex Liangis    

  • George Gibbs: Braden Kendall ‘25

  • Rebecca Gibbs: Sara Bain    

  • Wally Webb: Auden Smith

  • Emily Webb: Cordelia Gismondi

  • Professor Willard: Nick Murray

  • Mr. Webb: Yechiel Gutiérrez-Diaz ‘25

  • Men in the Audience/Baseball Players: Johnathon Jankowski ‘25 and Matthew Wittbrodt ‘25

  • Simon Stimson: Peter Sanin ‘25

  • Mrs. Soames: Maria Perrier

  • Constable Warren: Johnny Borbely

  • Sam Craig: Augustine Cabello ‘24

  • Joe Stoddard: Nick Murray

Also during Fine Arts Week, the band performed in the Spring Formal Band concert, held on Sunday, April 28, in the gym. On that day, the school was open to all as they strolled the halls of CC, viewing student’s artwork and then attending the concert at night. The band also performed a Spring Band Concert in front of the entire school on Thursday, May 2, right before the Annual Senior BBQ

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