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Rocks Vitae Club Attends March For Life In Lansing

On Wednesday, November 8, students from the Rocks Vitae Club attended the 2023 Michigan March For Life at the Michigan Capitol Building in Lansing to advocate for pro-life. 

“As participants of the first Michigan March for Life, the students were part of history! They were very passionate about helping change the laws of our State and helping women in need of support in crisis pregnancies as well as support if an abortion had already taken place,” stated Alana Bahoura, Theology Teacher and Rocks Vitae Moderator.  

The Michigan March For Life partnered with the Right To Life of Michigan to put on the event. The purpose was to provide an opportunity for advocates of all ages and political parties from across the state to join with one voice on behalf of those who cannot speak for themselves. The march was suited for all levels of comfort and experience with advocacy.  

Approximately 25 students from grades 9 through 12 attended the march. During the event, students heard from 11 guest speakers and marched from the Capitol down Allegan Street. A pre-rally concert was held at 10 AM, a rally was held at 11 AM, and the march began at noon.  

“The event began at the Lansing Capitol steps with a pre-rally concert, then the rally began where we listened to multiple speakers who all spoke with conviction about the dignity of life. The march itself began right after the speakers. We marched around the capitol and toward the Hall of Justice and back. There were hundreds of pro-lifers from around the state of Michigan of all different ages holding signs protesting abortion and uniting for the unborn babies,” stated Alana.  

The event was held on November 8 because both the Michigan Senate and House were in session. More importantly, November 8 marks the anniversary of the passing of Proposition 3, which states that abortions are legal to be performed by anyone, at any point during pregnancy, and for any reason.  

The Rocks Vitae Club at Catholic Central High School is a pro-life club that meets every Wednesday morning at 7:15 in room 227. The goal of the student club is to help educate Shamrocks on the pro-life movement, abortion, and ways they can protect mothers and their unborn. The club plans pro-life activities, prayer services, and charity events throughout the year.  

“Since this is a male-only school, many of our students feel that they shouldn't or aren't allowed to have a say when a woman wants an abortion. This club, as well as our Theology classes, help these young men to understand that this issue is not just about what a woman can or can't do with her body, but it's about the dignity of every human person unborn and born,” stated Alana.  

“Every person has the right to life, and the more people understand that the more lives will be saved. There's also a misunderstanding that there isn't support for mothers in crisis pregnancies. Our Rocks Vitae club is connected to the Pregnancy Help Clinics in Brighton and Flint to show our students that people willing to offer free support and resources in any situation women and men find themselves in,” Alana continued.  

Some of the activities held by the Rocks Vitae organization include assembling birth kits to send overseas, holding diaper drives at school, touring pregnancy clinics, hosting guest speakers and baby donation days, and fundraising and volunteering at crisis pregnancy centers. They also pray for the unborn, bring awareness to the school and local community, and participate in the March For Life in Washington D.C. every January. All grade levels are welcome to join the student organization. 

“Rocks Vitae is not only for students who completely understand what it means to be pro-life, but this club is for anyone who has questions, is on the fence about their stance on abortion, or is completely unsure altogether. We are here to have a discussion, educate, and bring awareness to our school community so that we can form these young men who will inevitably go out into the world and be faced with conversations and situations in college, the workplace, and even in their own homes,” concluded Alana.   

For more information on the Rocks Vitae Club, please email moderator Alana Bahoura at  

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