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Rocks Vitae Club Assembles 400 Birthing Kits To Send Overseas

On Wednesday, December 6, the Rocks Vitae Student Club and students from St. Catherine partnered together to host a birth kit assembly day in the Catholic Central High School cafeteria from 3 PM to 5 PM. 

“The Rocks Vitae club had around 60 students in this event, and we were happy to partner with students from St. Catherine of Siena Academy to contribute to the assembly of these birth kits. Together, about 400 kits were assembled to send overseas to parts of Iraq where women do not receive proper health care,” stated Club Moderator and Theology Teacher, Alana Bahoura.  

Pizza was served first and then students got to work assembling the kits. Catholic Central students who participated in the event were awarded service hours for their time spent. 

The Rocks Vitae club is Catholic Central’s pro-life student organization. It’s designed to help students learn about abortion, the pro-life movement, and ways to protect the unborn and mothers.  

The group meets weekly to plan activities, fundraise, and find ways to be proactive in the pro-life movement. Their mission is to dedicate themselves to the unborn and sanctity of all life. All grade levels are welcome to join.  

Recently, approximately 25 students from the Rocks Vitae group attended the March For Life in Lansing where they attended a rally on the Lansing Capitol steps, heard from 11 guest speakers, and marched toward the Hall of Justice and back.  

The group also holds diaper drives, volunteers and does fundraising at crisis pregnancy centers, attends pro-life conferences, and prays for the unborn.   

“It's a privilege to assist Global Health Charities in assembling clean birth kits, providing vital support to mothers and infants during times of need. Our students play a crucial role in understanding the disparities in healthcare access, emphasizing that not everyone has the privilege of receiving proper medical care, guidance from professionals, and education. This awareness is very important, as it recognizes the potential consequences, such as unhealthy births or even loss of life,” stated Ms. Bahoura. 

For more information about the Rocks Vitae group, please contact Ms. Bahoura at  

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