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Orin Jewelers Marks 90 Years of Passion, Dedication, and Community

As the bustling heart of a community, businesses often become synonymous with the spirit and values of the people they serve. Orin Jewelers, a name that resonates with elegance and trust, has been a cornerstone of the community for several decades. With a rich history and deep roots, Orin Jewelers has become one of Catholic Central's most cherished community partners, nurturing a bond that extends beyond mere business transactions. Antoinette Mazzoni Kramar, Orin Mazzoni, and Tina Mazzoni, the dynamic trio behind this exceptional jewelry shop, have built a lasting relationship with CC.

The story of Orin Jewelers began with a spark of passion and a drive for success, with Orin’s father, Orin J. Mazzoni, Sr., opening shop in West Virginia in 1933. Almost a century  later, Antoinette Kramar, Orin and Tina’s daughter and president of Orin Jewelers, is the third generation to run the shop.

When asked about advice for young entrepreneurs, Antoinette urged aspiring entrepreneurs to set clear goals and work diligently towards achieving them, even in the face of detours. "Be true to yourself and kind to others," she advised, emphasizing that enjoying the journey is what life is truly about.

The partnership between Orin Jewelers and CC began with Orin III ‘92, Orin and Tina’s son, and  has been nurtured over the years through shared experiences and meaningful connections. Orin recalled his son's graduation and the incredible experience they had during their time at CC. Tina was an active member of the Mothers Club board, serving as Vice President during their son's senior year. It was during those four years that they forged friendships with exceptional Shamrocks who remain their best friends to this day.

Orin expressed his admiration for CC's exceptional capacity to foster lasting relationships. He acknowledged that it is uncommon for a high school to create such strong bonds that endure well beyond graduation. Being CC's jeweler for all these years has allowed Orin and Tina to participate in countless significant occasions and milestones, creating cherished memories that last a lifetime.

Reflecting on their favorite CC moments and memories, the Mazzonis recount a myriad of experiences that have shaped their lives. From attending their son's tennis matches and debate tournaments to witnessing the extraordinary CC dances during their own high school years, the family has been woven into the fabric of CC's vibrant tapestry. Their involvement extends beyond their personal experiences, with active participation in CC events, parties, and fundraisers. The Mother's Club Fashion shows and Christmas parties hold a special place in their hearts, a testament to the enduring friendships they have made.

Among the notable figures at CC, Father Elmer stood out as someone whom Orin and his family deeply admired. Father Elmer's dedication and ability to make things happen played a pivotal role in shaping CC into the extraordinary institution it is today. Orin also acknowledged the contributions of Fr. Fulton, Ed Turek, Tim Burke, Dan Collins, and the current staff, whose combined efforts have solidified CC's reputation for instilling values of Goodness, Discipline, and Knowledge in its students.

Catholic Central High School holds a special place in the lives of the Mazzoni family and their business. The relationships they have cultivated over the years with CC parents and students have been nothing short of extraordinary. Encounter after encounter with CC alumni reaffirms the unbreakable bond they share. Being CC's trusted jeweler, Orin Jewelers has had the privilege of participating in countless special occasions, providing exquisite pieces that commemorate significant milestones. The Mazzonis cherish these relationships, as they understand that it is the connections we foster in life that truly matter.

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