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Mr. Rudy Seichter '59 Speaks to Business & Marketing Students


Mr. Rudy Seichter '59 spoke with business and marketing students Wednesday, sharing tips and life lessons learned after a successful career in the business world. Seichter primarily spoke on his time managing the sales department for a computer company in a pre-personal computer era. 

"The computers we were selling in those days were multi-million dollar orders, not including the storage or peripherals, those were all extra," said Seichter.

Seichter spoke about the importance of treating the customer with respect, having a moral and ethical sales process, and collaboration with coworkers. 

"I made sure some of my most successful sales people made more than I did," he said. "Sales are the lifeblood of any company, and I wanted them to know that taking care of them was my priority."

Seichter graduated from Catholic Central in 1959 and was a member of the first state championship hockey team at CC as a student. He also shared stories of the early days of the hockey team and Fr. Enright, CSB who started the program and helped establish the International High School Hockey League.

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