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Evan Kinter ‘23 Earns Eagle Rank


Evan Kinter ‘23 achieved a major milestone recently by earning the distinguished Eagle Scout rank in the Boy Scouts of America. His accomplishment shows determination and dedication and  encompasses leadership skills, service to the community, and skill-building activities. Through this process, Evan has gained essential life skills needed to become successful as he goes through life. 

For Evan, scouting began in first grade with Cub Scouts when his dad decided it would be a fun activity for a father and son to participate in. Having been in BSA himself with his father, Mr. Kinter hoped it would leave a lasting impact on Evan, and it did. 

“It wasn’t until I joined Boy Scouts in 5th grade that I knew I wanted to earn my Eagle someday,” said Evan. “During the pandemic I realized I was so close, only one rank off, and I knew if I put the effort in that I could achieve my Eagle before graduation.”

Evan began his Eagle journey in March of 2022 and continued his project into July, logging 130 hours of planning and labor. Ultimately, Evan chose to enhance and beautify the outside area at his local parish, St. Mary’s of Pinckney, in memory of a recently passed member, Kyle Naggy. The project involved clearing the land, planting shrubs and flowers, and covering the area with decorative mulch. Because the planting took place in the heat of summer, Evan drove to the site every other day for two months to water the new plants. 

Evan received help from nearly 25 parish members and friends from his scouting chapter.

“We were out there for three days working on the project. I was very lucky to have people from the church and scouts come out to help me,” said Evan. “I feel like the project added new life and design to the church.”

Evan shares that it was not an easy feat being able to balance academics and his Eagle project, but he knew if he focused hard he would be able to succeed. He credits his parents a great deal in helping him stay motivated and focused on his goal.

“Both my parents have been extremely helpful and supportive in scouting. Once you start thinking about earning your Eagle, it gets more difficult and [my parents] have been there through it all,” said Evan. “My dad stepped up as a leader when our chapter needed it and my mom helped me with important details of my project such as permission and where and how to purchase items for the trail. They were extremely supportive during my journey.”

Evan said the best lesson learned from his time in Scouts, is that it helps foster critical communication skills in an academically challenging environment. He explained that Catholic Central and Scouts helped him develop organizational skills which he uses in and out of the classroom.

“Evan is a very determined kid, and we’ve witnessed him juggling scouts, school, sports, as well as socializing with CC teammates and classmates, along with continuing his relationships with friends that he has grown up with,” said Teresa Kinter. “This is no small feat with an hour to hour-and-a-half round-trip commute to school each day. It’s clear to us that the 11 years of scouting and nearly four years at CC have contributed to the maturity needed to handle a schedule such as this.” 

Evan plans to attend college in the fall and looks forward to the challenge of earning a degree in biology. He hopes that other scouts will take away from his example that it is possible to balance academics with scouting, if they are willing to put in the effort. Evan’s hard work has certainly paid off – he is prepared for whatever challenges come his way, both in college and in life.

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