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Drive Development Day Prepares Students For The World of Work

On Friday, March 8, 2024, Catholic Central held a Drive Development Day for students on the topic of preparing for the world of work. The workshop, hosted by Michael Oliver, Ph.D., Associate Dean of Career Services at Schoolcraft College, was held in the Learning Commons from 9 AM to 11 AM.  

During the workshop, students learned about the importance of thinking about a career path while still in high school, how to build an effective resume, and tips for a successful interview. Dr. Oliver began by asking students to think about what they want to do professionally while they are still in high school. 

“The primary message is that it’s never too early to start thinking about your career path. Right now, students in the 11th or 12th grade are focusing on college. I want to get students to think about their careers. Some don’t know what they want to do,” he stated.  

Dr. Oliver holds a BA in Psychology, a PhD in Instructional Technology from Wayne State University, and is a Licensed Professional Counselor (L.P.C). He advised students not to compare themselves to others, stating that some high school students already know what they want to do with their life while others do not. He talked about the non-traditional path he took in his own career, stating that he didn’t obtain his PhD until his 40s.  

He encouraged students to contact their career office while at college, stating that students should have two objectives as college students. The first is to create an academic plan to a degree that gets you the career you want. The second is to connect with your career office.  

Dr. Oliver also talked about the benefits of networking and internships, stating that, “Jobs these days are about connections.” He explained that you’re always six people away from a connection, stressing the importance of building good relationships.  

“Internships are great gateways to employment. They should always be paid. There are two types of internships. The first kind is connected to an academic program where a student’s grade is based on their work performance. The second type is informal, meaning that it’s not connected to an academic program,” he stated.  

One student asked if it was better to find an internship on your own or get your college’s career advisor help. Dr. Oliver advised that it’s better to have your career office help you find an internship. 

He also told students that the way they present themselves matters, stating that eye contact and a good handshake say a lot about a person professionally. He told students how they behave outside of work and school and on social media matters, too.  

Dr. Oliver wrapped up by encouraging students to attend the Career Fair at Schoolcraft college to practice networking and finding career fields they are interested in. He advised students to use the career services and resources already offered at Catholic Central. These include attending the Career Speaker series events and talking to the guidance office, teachers, coaches, and faculty.  

Drive Development Days are offered on Fridays during Drive holidays, when students have already earned the day off from school by raising sufficient funds for need-based tuition assistance during the six-day long fundraising event.  

The workshops are optional. However, students are encouraged to utilize their time off from school in a productive way by learning skills outside of the classroom needed to succeed in life. 

Topics for Drive Development Days vary each year. This year, students are encouraged to attend the following upcoming workshops: 

For more information about Drive Development Days, and to register, please visit: DRIVE Development Days - Detroit Catholic Central High School

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