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Class of 2027 Welcomes Fourth Generation Student

Brennan Smith ’27 is the fourth generation of the Smith family to enroll at Catholic Central, and younger brother Kellan is only a few years behind him! We asked Craig ’67, Brian ’94, Brennan ’27, and Kellan (hopeful ’30) a few questions on their CC experience.

Craig ’64: Can you describe the Smith family connection to CC?

The Smith family Catholic Central legacy began with my father Paul, class of ’45. His high school years were greatly overshadowed by the Second World War, but he loved CC and learned many valuable lessons that he carried through his years in the Marines after graduation and throughout the rest of his life. It was no surprise to the family that I wanted to follow in this footsteps in the class of ’67, followed by my brother Paul, class of ’69. As for my two sons, Brian, class of ’94 and Peter, class of ’97, they were predestined to attend CC at the announcement "It's a boy!" No discussion!

Brian ’94: How did your family legacy impact your decision and Brennan’s decision to attend CC? 

Looking back, I don’t think there was ever a question about where I would go to high school.  I grew up in Redford not too far from Breakfast Drive, and, given my family history, I was very excited to attend.  Regarding Brennan, when my wife, Becky, was pregnant we went to get the ultrasound to learn the sex.  When I heard he was a boy my first thought was, “Oh my gosh, I’m going to have a son”, which was quickly followed by “Oh my gosh, I’m going to have a son at CC!”  So for him, it was decided before birth.

Brennan ’27: Was it always a clear choice, or did you look elsewhere?

I’ve always wanted to attend CC and to go with most of my friends from middle school. I participated in the school tour, a shadow day, and the incoming student night and scholarship night. It means so much to continue on my family’s legacy because I want to engrave our name into the history of Catholic Central. Their experiences have shaped my expectations because in the end, I want to be like them and to be a proud alum of CC.

Kellan ’30: What’s it like watching your brother enroll at CC knowing you’ll be right behind him in a few years?

I’m very proud of all he’s accomplished and I can’t wait to join him in three years. I’m excited about all the new classrooms and equipment in the new STEM building and am looking forward to using them!

Brian ’94: What aspects of your own time at CC do you hope Brennan will also get to experience?

I hope Brennan will get to experience the camaraderie CC offers and make lifelong friends like I did. During orientations, I’ve heard CC staff encouraging the freshmen to not be “2:45ers”… CC offers so many teams, clubs, etc. there’s something for everyone and it’s a great way to make new friends. While I was at CC I ran cross country and track for coach Magni and now Brennan will have the chance to run for him also! Most of my best memories are from time spent at football games, hockey games, dances, etc., so I hope Brennan enjoys all that CC has to offer after 2:45.

Brennan ’27: What activities are you most looking forward to getting involved in around campus?

Some extracurricular activities I am interested in are cross country, basketball, and track. These interests align perfectly with the sports and activities at CC. I am excited to get involved with cross country and track, and hopefully basketball. In cross country, my best time in middle school was 13 minutes 39 seconds. In track, I run the 400m dash (56.4 seconds) and the 200m dash (25.4 seconds) along with the 4x400m relay.

Craig ’67: How does it feel to know that your grandsons will be carrying on your family legacy?

My whole experience with CC centers around pride. Proud that I attended the school and profound pride in my sons in the men that they have become and all that they have accomplished. And that leads me to another pride point: my grandson Brennan, class of 2027, to be followed by another 4th generation, Kellan, class of 2030!

Brian ’94: How does the school’s growth, and all that is in store with Vision 100, excite you for Brennan’s next four years?

Oh boy, am I jealous he gets to go to the new school!!  Breakfast drive was great, but it was originally a middle school, so the facilities don’t compare to the Wixom campus. CC was already an amazing school to attend, but now with all the new buildings, labs, and athletic fields, it’s going to be unbelievable. Just driving into campus, it looks like a small college. It’s great that CC has been able to partner with some amazing donors to create the new campus.

Craig '67: Do you have a favorite memory from CC?

My first and fondest memory of attending CC was going to the tryouts for 9th grade football. Sitting there with about 70 other boys, I panicked when I felt a large hand on my shoulder and a voice asking me my name. It was Fr. French. I told him my name and he smiled and told me he remembered my dad because I looked just like him. I felt pretty special at that point. Football and all it entails at CC are my best memories. From the Boys Bowl, the floats, the whole-school enthusiasm that encompasses that time really raised my pride in my school and the whole student body. We were brothers.

Brian ’94: How does it feel to see your son following in not only your footsteps, but the footsteps of both your father and grandfather?

It makes me extremely proud that both Brennan and hopefully Kellen will attend CC. I’m so happy to have them join my family’s tradition and get to experience CC. Growing up, CC was always a big part of my life and my family’s history. My parents met when my dad was at CC and my mom was at Ladywood. So not only does my dad have great memories of his time there, but my mom does as well. I’m so excited for Brennan to start his journey and make his own lasting memories. 

Craig’67: What advice would you give Brennan as he heads to CC?

Be involved. Try out for anything that interests you and give it your all. Study hard and take advantage of the many opportunities you will be given. Be strong in your character, be kind to all, and grow to be a true man of CC.

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