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Ceramic Art Students Display Impressive Sculpting Talent

Inspired by Catholic Central’s extensive trophy hallway, art students in Ms. Julia Ribits’ Sculpture class displayed amazing talent by creating a clay sculpture of their own.  

“We are working on sculpting figures. We went as a class to the trophy hallway to study the bronze, gold, and wood figures on all the trophies and took pictures of our favorites. We also looked at the sculptures of Auguste Rodin and Elisabeth Catlett, both artists made very expressive human figures cast in bronze that began as smaller clay sculptures. Each student is working with a little over one pound of clay to create a personal figure of their own,” stated Ms. Ribits, Art teacher at Catholic Central High School.  

The art program at Catholic Central is broken up into three main departments: visual, communication, and performing arts. Students in the Visual Arts program learn about a wide variety of arts, including painting, drawing, sculpture, and digital art.  

These mediums allow the art student to express their thoughts, emotions, and experiences, providing a unique perspective on how the world around us can influence these behaviors.  

Students in the visual arts department can choose from Advanced Art A-D, Art History, Ceramics, Sculpture, Digital Photography, Photoshop, Graphic Design, and Intros to Art, Drawing, and Painting classes.  

Catholic Central students can also join the Art Club, a student organization designed for those interested in enhancing and developing advanced art skills. The Art Club is responsible for organizing the Boys’ Bowl mural each year.  

For more information about the visual arts program or Art Club, please contact the Fine Arts Department Head and Art Club moderator, Mr. Andrew Dent, at  

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