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CC Hosts Annual Memorial Mass & Breakfast 2023

On Sunday, October 29, the Catholic Central Alumni Association held its annual Memorial Mass and Breakfast. The mass and breakfast are held in correlation with The Feast of All Saints.  

Also known as All Saints’ Day, the Feast of All Saints is celebrated each year on November 1 and honors all Saints of the church who have departed and gone to Heaven.  

During mass, Catholic Central students, family, staff, and alumni come together as a community to pray for loved ones who have passed away in the last calendar year. The names of the departed are read aloud. 

This year, the CC community paid tribute to the following: Thomas Payne, Ruth Porretta, Thomas King ’57, Nancy Lengyel, Richard Lemke ’57, Lynn Ehresman, Roman Sosna, John Barbara, Christine Plonka, Nancy Barta, Michael Krause, John Kauffman, Fr. Philip Anthony Acquaro, CSB, Jon Hainline, Frank Corej, David Selke ’64, Anna Lefebvre, John Payne, Anne Crampton, Josephine Evangelista, Marion Feeny, Berta Nakagawa, Mary Ivers, Albert Dompierre, Fr. Scott Michael Sperry, Michael G. Farrell, Edwin E. Britz, John “David” Ebejer, Michael Yatooma, Stella Cabrera, Michael T. Heslip, Mary Ann Wozniak, Gary J. Brand ’58, Mary Ann Dirkes, Robert Harrington ’77, Hugh Larkin, Fr. Franklin J. Mizzi, CSB, Francis H. “Frank” Ross ’51, Terry Wall ’55, Mary Frances Swoish, John Nehra ’40, Geraldine “Gerry” Payne, Sherri Lynn Kesse, Ray Herbert ’48, Fredice M. Alexander, James B. Gioia Sr., Dr. David Karibo ’57, Michael F. Michel ’72, Lisa Lavigne, Robert Malecki, Gwen Senatore, Steve Dowhan ’68, Kevin J. Sheahan ’69, Rocco J. Guirlanda ’56, James E. Petroviak ’53, Norman ‘Jack’ John deGuise, Kevin Cain ’81, Francesco Russo, Anthony T. Hirsch ’52, Dr. George Bartl ’55, George Elliott ’62, Ruth Butler, Mitchell Quaine ’70, Lorraine M. Thomas, David Paul ’69, Bruce Berend, Lowel E. Lewis ’80, John D. Shaw ’72, Ronald Odierna ’53, Edgar Joppich, Kevin Boland ’75, Kenneth Vukovich, Henry G. “Hank” Naour ’59, Donna E. Laurentius, Francis J. Szuma, Fr. Thomas W. Sepulveda, CSB, Thomas J. Hoey ’78, Steven Zapton ’68, Frederick X. Hallway, Sr., Matthew Joseph Madigan ’02, George Hnatiuk, Alice Lynn Schilling, Eugene Drafta, Scott William Storbeck, Dr. Jacqueline Walsh-Carmona, Christine E. “Teen” Ronan, Gerald J. Jakee ’53, Lawrence “Larry” Egan, James E. “Jimmy” Cisek, Tracy “T.C.” Campbell, Joseph F. Pinto, Joseph E. Wolff ’47, David J. Renkiewicz ’82, Kristen M. Doherty, James E. Staniforth, Francis G. Tenbusch ’53, Thomas S. Lakin, Laura Joseph Shannon, George Colburn ’55, Sister Kathleen Therese McCann, Darlene Ann Bohn, Patricia Kirchner, Mukrime Madany, Betty Louise Beaton, Charles “Chuck” O’Connell, Rosemary Zessin, Faith E. DiPonio, Robert Olsen ’71, Jeffrey Brodie ’73, Richard Monnette, Martha Hudak, Jack Slattery ’56, Barbara Scalise, Robert Chrzanowski ’55, Neal O’Brien ’68, Jacqueline “Jacci” Brown, Thomas Convery, Lawrence MacDonald ’69, Patrick Fox, Robert Rougeau ’79, Robert Talbot, Thomas Vincent ’73, Timothy Heaman, Nancy A. Ewald, Mary Jule Brinkman, Jack Tomasi, Dennis Behen, Robert Anstett, John Hofstetter ’49, Theresa Catner, Dr. Francis P. Brancaleone ’54, Marcia (Regan) Rood, James “Jim” Kinna ’52, Jakob Kolakowski ’21, Daniel Waterstradt ’04, Father John Boscoe, CSB ’61, Zuhair Antone, Robert “Bear” Baran ’63, John “Jack” Cronin ’48, Bennie Diego Zizio Jr. ’69, Richard “Dick” Giuffre ’56, Dennis Droba, Ian Pierce ’12, John “JJ” O’Brien, Gregory Nichols ’78, Fr. Arthur “Tunney” Hathaway, CSB ’44, Leo Mass ’48, Kathy Skwiera, Phyllis Stempien, Margaret Stocking, Joseph DiBella Sr. ’49, Bradley Dickey, Gerald Burns, Stanley A. Wrobleski, Jack Swamba ’22, Achiel E. Wanket, Gary Barnass ’64, John Stocking ’51, David Niehaus ’86, Josephine Doyle, Sandra Mazolewski, John T. Mohr ’73, Daniel Zdeb ’55, John Hoeffel ’51, Robert Cousino, Fred “Bill” Thimm ’44, Linda Kozlowski, and Marty Kochmanski ’70.  

Video footage of the 2021 Memorial Day Mass can be viewed on the Catholic Central High School YouTube Page.  

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