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Catholic Central Students Volunteer At St. Patrick’s

Several Catholic Central High School students have been spending their Drive Holiday Fridays volunteering at their former Catholic middle schools. Last Friday, May 4, 2024, CC students who attended St. Patrick’s in Brighton volunteered in Mrs. Lori Rozum’s kindergarten class.

During their visit, CC students participated in an all-school mass alongside St. Pat’s students, dedicated two hours to setting up and tidying the lunchroom during lunch and recess periods, and engaged with the students during their recess time.

“These young men were true gentlemen to everyone they encountered! My kindergarten students had an absolute blast playing with these gentlemen. They especially made my students such happy kindergartners while playing with them at recess,” stated Rozum.

Drive Holidays were given to students following this year’s annual fundraiser as a reward for raising $873,034 for need-based tuition assistance. Students may also spend their days off by attending a Drive Development Day.  

Catholic Central students have also been volunteering at Our Lady of Sorrows in Farmington and St. Michael’s in Livonia over the last few weeks. 

For more information, please visit the Drive Development page.  

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