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6 Important Things To Ask When Picking Your Son’s School

As a parent, choosing the right school for your son is one of the most critical decisions you will make for his academic and personal development.  

You want to provide your child with the best possible educational experience that aligns with his needs and goals.  

Here are six essential questions to ask when selecting the perfect school for your son and why you should consider Detroit Catholic Central High School.  


1. What Are the School's Values and How Do They Implement Them? 

A school's values and mission statement set the foundation for its entire educational approach.  

Detroit Catholic Central High School’s mission is centered on fostering young men to embody character, faith, and intellect.  

The school collaborates with parents to provide a safe and challenging environment where high expectations and mutual respect are maintained throughout the student’s learning process.  

They do this by channeling the ideals of the Basilian Fathers – Discipline, Goodness, and Knowledge, helping students to become active members of the Church and society.  


2. What Academic Programs and Extracurricular Opportunities Are Available? 

Research shows that extracurricular participation helps students build teamwork, communication skills, relationships, and a sense of belonging, all of which contribute to a student’s success in school. 

Explore the academic programs, courses, and extracurricular opportunities offered by the school. These can have a significant impact on your son's academic growth and personal development.  

Detroit Catholic Central High School offers a wide range of academic, athletic, and extracurricular programs to help your son explore his interests and talents. At least 90% of the student body participates in at least one extracurricular activity. 

Programs offered at Catholic Central High School include: 

  • Faith-Based Academic Curriculum: Arts, Business, Health, Computer Technology, English, Languages, Science, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Theology  

  • Athletics: 5 Fall Sports, 7 Winter Sports, 5 Spring Sports, and 2 Intramural Sports  

  • STEM: Key features of the new George and Mary Turek Hall of Science (Scheduled to Open Fall 2024) include Innovation and Conceptualization Labs, Sustainability-Focused Greenhouse, 130-Seat Immersive Lecture Hall, 4 Meter Observa-Dome with GPS Computerized Celestron Telescope, RedBird 180° Flight Simulator, and NASA MIE Alliance Partnership  

  • Extracurricular activities: 7 Student Organizations, 31 Student Clubs, Student Council, Drive Fundraisers, and Camps   

  • Volunteer and Community Service Opportunities 

  • Summer Reading Program 

3. How Does the School Support My Son’s Well-Being? 

Your son's well-being and emotional health are valuable aspects of his educational journey. Inquire about the school's support systems, including counseling services, wellness programs, and the approach to addressing students' social and emotional needs.  

Detroit Catholic Central High School provides a strong sense of community and a family-like atmosphere focused on the health and well-being of each student. The school offers counseling services with an excellent counselor to student ratio.  

The average counselor to student ratio for most schools is 650 to 1. At Catholic Central High School, the ratio is 188 to 1. The school also offers 24/7 support lines, mindfulness and meditation apps, resources for students and parents, and nutrition tips and tricks.  

Students are encouraged to participate in the school’s Goodness, Discipline, and Knowledge (GDK) program to tackle tough conversations. The program focuses on a distinctive character trait for each grade.  

Currently, first-year students focus on building character, sophomores explore service opportunities, juniors discuss their influence as young men, and seniors are prepared to go out into the real world and become leaders.  


4. Who Are the Teachers, and What Are Their Qualifications? 

Dedicated and qualified teachers are instrumental to your son's education. Investigate the school's faculty – their qualifications, teaching style, and commitment to creating a positive learning environment.  

Inquire about meeting with teachers to understand their passion for education and how they engage with students.  

At Detroit Catholic Central High School, the teaching staff consists of 41% female and 59% male. The faculty has an average of 10 years of teaching experience, with over 40 teachers holding advanced degrees.


5. What Is the School's Reputation? 

The reputation and track record of a school can provide valuable insights into the quality of the education it provides. Research the school's history, achievements, and the successes of its alumni to assess its standing in the community and beyond. You can also visit their social media platforms, talk to people within the community, and read online reviews. 

For more than 90 years, Detroit Catholic Central High School has upheld its reputation as a community leader. The school is known for instilling Goodness, Discipline, and Knowledge into generations of students and transforming young men into future leaders, husbands, and fathers.  


6. What Is the School's Approach to Values and Character Education? 

Character development is a fundamental aspect of education, alongside academic achievement. Understanding the school's approach to character education will help you make an informed decision about your son's overall growth. 

Detroit Catholic Central High School instills values and character in its students through its faith-based curriculum, community engagement, and extracurricular activities, emphasizing ethics, leadership, and community involvement.  

By asking these six important questions and taking the time to explore your options, you can make an informed decision that sets your son on the path to success and personal growth.  

Detroit Catholic High School, located in Novi, Michigan, is synonymous with academic excellence and spiritual growth for young men. For nearly 100 years, CC has guided and equipped young men in the Basilian tradition of Goodness, Discipline, and Knowledge. Join us for our 8th grade open house on Sunday, November 5th at 10 AM, preceded by mass at 9 AM.  

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