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2024 DRIVE Raises $873,034.13 For Tuition Assistance, Sets New Record

Monday, February 26 concluded the six-day-long 2024 DRIVE fundraising event, where Shamrock students raised a grand total of $873,034.13 for need-based tuition assistance and set a new school record. This year’s total surpassed the 2023 DRIVE’s total of $802,814.13 by more than $70,000. 

All money raised during DRIVE goes to the school’s need-based tuition assistance fund, benefiting one in three Shamrock students who receive tuition assistance to come to Catholic Central. The DRIVE fundraiser isn’t just a fun week to participate in. It also helps keep the cost of tuition down, making Catholic Central affordable for every young man who wants to attend.  

During the week of DRIVE, an assembly is held each day featuring raffle prizes for single, double, triple, and quad quota winners, cash payouts for students whose names are drawn, and student skits. Faculty members also get to participate in the drawings.  

Students partake in challenges to encourage each other to raise the most money, such as an ice cream slip ‘N slide, makeovers given by fellow classmates, karaoke, and Be Like Babicz - a contest where students give a motivational speech in front of the entire school like Athletic Director Aaron Babicz ’93. 

The freshman class led this year’s fundraising efforts by bringing in 723.68% of their quota for a total of $284,408 and an average of $1,085.53 per student. Juniors were the second most successful class, achieving 690.37% of quota with a total of $250,605 and an average of $1,035.56 per student. Sophomores brought in a total of $220,995 for 649.03% of quota and an average of $9735 per student, while seniors raised $117,026 and 396.03% of quota and an average of $594.04 per student.  

The highest salesmen overall for this year are listed below: 

  1. Collin Davis $34,850 

  1. Peter Davis $32,305 

  1. Trevor Johnson $24,100 

  1. Timothy Burke $17,785 

  1. Ryder Conniff $16,950 

  1. Emmett Griffin $14,000 

  1. Noah Denha $13,400 

  1. Tyler Regner $13,170 

  1. Alexander McBride $11,250 

  1. Nico McBride $10,570 

As a reward for their hard work, students earned multiple Fridays off for the remaining school year. Students can attend DRIVE Development Days during those Fridays off, which are designed to teach important life skills, such as car maintenance, stress management, resume building and interviewing skills, data analysis, field trips, STEM, and more.  

Drive Development Days are just one of the many of the unique learning experiences students get at Catholic Central that they don’t get anywhere else, setting them up for success in life and helping them become tomorrow’s leaders and men of Goodness, Discipline, and Knowledge.  

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