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1,000 Shamrocks Volunteer on CC's Annual Day of Service


More than 1,000 students, faculty, and staff of Detroit Catholic Central High School participated in an annual day of service across Southeast Michigan Wednesday, with 37 groups serving in Detroit and surrounding areas ahead of Thanksgiving.

“We celebrate goodness, discipline, and knowledge by giving back to our local communities through our annual GDK Service Day,” said Dean of Students Mr. Mitch Hancock. “This initiative impacts over 30 nonprofits with thousands of fellow Michiganders benefiting from the hard work and thoughtfulness of our Shamrocks.”

After a general call-out to nonprofits, student-led small groups each selected a service opportunity resonating with their interests. 

“Serving is a privilege,” said Nick Gauchey ‘24. “It makes a huge impact on me as well as the community.”

The day of service provides a chance for students, faculty, and staff to connect in a meaningful way outside of the classroom, all while working hard and learning from the communities they have the opportunity to engage with. 

“These experiential learning days rooted in service are aimed at helping our students grow spiritually, personally, and socially,” said Principal Fr. Fulton. “They give Shamrocks a chance to join in the 200 year-old Basilian mission of inspiring goodness, discipline, and knowledge across the world.”

Students volunteered with a number of different organizations. Some, like Fleece & Thank You (Nick Kristock '09) and Caleb White Project (Caleb White '20) were founded by CC alumni, while others such as Earthworks Urban Farm, Detroit Bligh Busters, GiGi's Playhouse Detroit, Focus:HOPE, Gleaners Community Food Bank, Big Family of Michigan, Stronger Warrior Foundation, Sanctum House, Operation Gratitude, Michigan Humane Society, and P.B.J. Outreach are staple organizations throughout Southeast Michigan. Additionally, students helped at a number of other locations, including some elderly care homes, churches, and outreach centers to help with general cleanup or whatever else was needed.

Catholic Central students volunteer over 35,000 hours each year. Learn more about how Shamrocks put goodness into action here.

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