FAQs - The High School Placement Test

  • What is the High School Placement Test (HSPT)?
    • The HSPT is a national placement exam we use at CC to make sure that we are putting students in the correct classes as freshmen. It is not an admissions exam, but simply part of our process to make sure that we are placing your son correctly.

  • Is the High School Placement Test Required?
    • CC requires a test score from 8th grade in either the HSPT or the PSAT 8/9 for all students applying for 9th grade.

  • How do I register for the HSPT?
  • When is the test offered?
    • The main test dates this year are November 20 and December 4.
      We always recommend testing early, as we need the test score to be able to extend an acceptance in January.

  • My son has accommodations at school - can he get them on the test?
    • We offer extended time on the December 4 test date, and have a form for you to fill out if you are requesting extended time. Your son will need a documented history at his current school and a 504 or IEP in place.

  • How is it scored?
    • The HSPT is scored on a percentile basis, so your son’s score is not how many questions he answered correctly, or a percentage of correct answers, but his ranking as compared to the rest of the students who took the same test across the nation.
    • We mainly use the HSPT scores in Reading, Math, and Language to place students accordingly.
    • The Composite score is used for determining Academic Scholarship qualification.
    • CC uses the National Percentiles as the benchmark for all of our students.

  • What if my son scores poorly?
    • If your son scores poorly on the HSPT, it does not automatically disqualify him from admission.
    • If your son scores below the 25th percentile in any section, it opens a discussion regarding our summer school offerings. For some students who show a significant deficit, we will require a summer program as a condition of acceptance.

  • How can my son prepare?
    • The best thing a student can do to prepare is focus on what he is doing in his 8th grade classes.
    • For students who want to do extra work, there are a number of study guides available online or at Barnes and Noble.

  • Can my son retake the test if he doesn’t score well?
    • No, students are only allowed to take the HSPT one time. If a student takes the test multiple times, the initial score will be used.

  • Does my son need to test at Catholic Central?
    • We love every chance we get to have students on campus, but he does not need to take the HSPT at CC. We just need the scores sent to us!
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