Last Minute Fumble Recovery Seals the Deal for Catholic Central

Arnie Pulpa ‘23 and Dylan Grewe ‘23
Read the recap of Friday nights Varsity Football game against Naperville Central (IL) brought to you by our student news group... 

Last Friday, September 10th, the Catholic Central Shamrocks battled against the Naperville Central RedHawks (IL)  for a claim to victory. The game started at 7:00 P.M. and the coin toss was won by the Redhawks who decided that it would be in their best interest if they kicked off. The beginnings of the game displayed the true intensity with which each team played, with the two teams matching each other every time a down was played. The Redhawks and Shamrocks went blow for blow almost for the entire game, but that is what made the game interesting. What ignited the fire that the Shamrock defense kept alight throughout the game was when the Rock’s defense Baechler Houser recovered a fumble and then proceeded to take it to the house. The mighty Shamrock defense continued to thwart the attempts of the RedHawks as they recovered yet another fumble with two minutes left in the first quarter. 

The second quarter was not as one-sided as the first, as the Rocks fumbled a punt that was recovered by the RedHawks. But, the Shamrocks quickly reclaim possession as the Hawks overthrew their receiver and Sean Field made a great interception. After an unsuccessful drive, Our Shamrocks were forced to punt. The game remained at a standstill until the opposition got into the endzone for their first time of the night, with 6:19 remaining before halftime. The Shamrocks did not remain silent. With some elusive footwork and great field vision from Declan Byle, he was able to find Owen Semp downfield for a miraculous touchdown, putting the Shamrocks ahead yet again. The Shamrocks and RedHawks continued to exchange scoreless drives, but as time wound down before the half, the Redhawks found themselves in a goal-line situation. The Shamrock defense battled hard to prevent Naperville from scoring, but the Redhawks prevailed and tied the score at 14-14 with thirty-nine seconds remaining.

The third quarter started off rough for both teams, turnover after turnover resulted in a very eventless quarter, but the fun was just about to start. Great efforts from Mohammed Jaffer and Evan Haeger kept the Shamrock offense alive and dangerous despite their scoring drought. Brayden Courser and Jovon Massey poured their heart and soul into some heavy hits and come from behind tackles. Both team’s defensive cores were proving to be quite resilient even in the late moments of the game. It would all come down to who would crack first. Just as the quarter ends, the Shamrocks are able to pull right into field goal range and are ready to take the lead!

The fourth quarter started with the field goal attempt from Lucas Moscone, and he absolutely nailed it, 17-14 Shamrocks on top. The Naperville Redhawks sought redemption on their next drive, but instead, they got the mighty Mike Downs. Downs picked up a fumble and gave CC possession once again. The fourth quarter proved tough on both teams as plays started to get sloppy. The fourth quarter was filled with overthrows and simple errors from both teams which could very well have decided the game. After a scoreless 10 minutes, the Redhawks found themselves in the red zone with 2 minutes left and the score 17-14. The Shamrock Student Section was going wild in an attempt to lift the spirits of our brothers. No one truly could have prepared for what was about to happen, it really was like a miracle. That miracle was named Baechler Houser, our hero for tonight and a fumble magnet, who scooped up a fumble off of a Redhawk error with 1 minute left on the clock. The Shamrock offense ran the clock down and sealed the deal. 

What a game that was, you simply had to be there. Our hand-picked players of the game tonight were Baechler Houser and Lucas Moscone, both incredibly clutch players who performed under heavy pressure.
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