Captain Q&A: Basketball

It is a tremendous honor to be named a captain of a varsity program at Catholic Central, and we wanted to take some time to check in with our basketball captains with some Q&A...

  • What was your first reaction when you had heard you had been named a captain?

    • Brady Butcher '21 - I was extremely excited. I knew I had put a lot of work in with my teammates in the summer, and I knew that it had paid off. I was honored and thrilled.  I was just super excited to make the best of my senior year in a whole new way.

    • Landon Lodato '21 - I was overcome with joy. Not a lot of people get to say that they are a captain, and it is a great honor.

    • Cooper Craggs '22 - I was very honored that my team saw me as a leader and voted me as captain. It is truly an honor, especially as a junior.

  • As a captain, what additional responsibility do you feel toward the team? 

    • BB - A responsibility I have towards my team is to work to make the experience of varsity basketball the best it can be for every single of one my teammates. No matter our record, or playing time, I want all my guys to feel included, welcomed and to look back at this season with fond memories with the guys.

    • LL - I have to keep the team together and unified. Good team chemistry is one of the most important things to have if you want to win.

    • CC - I feel my responsibility is to make sure the team is ready to practice every day and that they are ready to play on game days.

  • What are your best memories of competing for Catholic Central?
    • BB - My best memories competing would have to be my JV year with my basketball team beating Brother Rice at home in front of a crowd! My 4 close friends and current teammates and I were in the whole game practically and winning that game felt very special.

    • LL - For me, playing both soccer and basketball, I’ve had a lot of good memories competing for CC. For soccer it was definitely winning the state championship this year and for basketball it was winning the district title my sophomore year.

    • CC - My best memory was last year, the game at U of D when they packed house. It was a great atmosphere to play in, especially as a sophomore, and I will never forget it.

  • What are the most important lessons you’ve learned through competing at Catholic Central?

    • BB - I think the most important lessons I have learned through competing at Catholic Central have been lessons I have learned on the court, which I take into my daily life. What it means to be a vocal leader, what it means to work for something, to deal with conflict on a daily basis, and to have the mental toughness when things aren’t going your way are just a few things I have learned from wearing the Shamrock uniform.

    • LL - How to be a leader and a good teammate. I’ve learned that I have to treat my teammates like family.

    • CC - I’ve learned that it takes a team to win. You can't win a game as a single player.

  • What advice would you give a student who is considering attending Catholic Central?

    • BB - GO 110%. Make the best of every year, do not look back on it and have a regret or a “what if..” It is challenging, and it can be hard at times, but that's what makes being a part of CC so much fun and so worth it.

    • LL - If you want to feel like you’re a part of something special, then definitely attend CC. No other school offers what CC does in terms of a sense of family and community.

    • CC - No one is ever left out at CC, no matter what your interests are.

We thank the guys for taking some time to answer the questions, and wish them well as they work towards a successful end of the season!

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