CC Returns to Full Face-To-Face Instruction

Please carefully read the important information below with regards to our return to full face-to-face instruction for the 4th quarter, beginning March 8. There is an action item required for all students.

The most recent CDC guidelines focus on FIVE key mitigation strategies in order to deliver safe in-person instruction and help mitigate the transmission of COVID-19 in our school. You can see our response to each of these below.

  1. Universal and correct use of masks
    1. Students will no longer be able to wear gaiters, and there will be zero tolerance for masks that do not fully cover the mouth and nose.
    2. Students who are unable to wear a mask will need to utilize our LE@D program.
  1. Handwashing and respiratory etiquette
    1. Students will continue to be encouraged to wash their hands properly and often, and we will continue to provide soap, sanitizer, tissues, and masks to those students who need them.

  2. Cleaning and maintaining healthy facilities
    1. Our teachers and maintenance team continue to work tirelessly to clean and sanitize the building, including all desks after each class.
  1. Contact tracing in combination with isolation and quarantine, in collaboration with the health department.
    1. Our nurse has done a fantastic job of helping to identify close contacts, and this will become even more important with a full return to school. A single student will be a close contact from anywhere from 10 to 30 other students, depending on his seat in each classroom.
    2. Your son will be required to quarantine (and utilize our LE@D program) if he is sitting in close contact with a confirmed COVID case.

  2. Physical Distancing
    1. With the majority of our students returning to the building, we do not have the ability to fully distance in the classrooms.
    2. Students will be in what is considered to be close contact (within 6 feet) with 2-5 other students in each classroom.
    3. Students will be encouraged to continue to move efficiently to their next destination to keep hallway interaction as minimal as possible during class exchange.
    4. Lunch will be distanced, with students able to eat in the bleachers in the main gym, and as the weather improves we will once again encourage students to eat lunch outside.

As a parent, the decision is ultimately up to you if your son will return to school full-time or take part in our LE@D program. 

We need a decision for each student by 11:59 PM on Wednesday, March 3 (LINK TO FORM)

Wednesday, March 3, will now be a shortened schedule to allow for a faculty meeting. Thursday, March 4 will remain a shortened schedule so that teachers will be able to redo seating arrangements and seating charts to accommodate the number of students we have returning to the building on the 8th.

We also recognize that Spring Break is on the horizon.
  • Domestic Travel
    • For individuals traveling domestically, we are looking to offer rapid antigen tests in the morning on Monday, April 12 before the start of the day (beginning at 7:00 am).
  • International Travel
    • Individuals who travel internationally are required to undergo a 10-day quarantine, with a PCR test on the 3rd-5th day after returning. 
    • The school nurse ( will be able to facilitate testing.
Of course we will continue to update our COVID dashboard to indicate the number of cases in our community and students in quarantine.

WE can do this, together.  Each of us needs to do our part to protect our community.

Thank you for your continued support, and may Mary, Alma Mater and untier of knots, continue to pray for and guide us.


“Teach Me Goodness, Discipline, and Knowledge” is the motto of the Basilian Fathers and the sacred mission of Catholic Central High School. For ninety years, the graduates of Catholic Central have made a positive impact locally, nationally, and around the world.