Admissions Q&A - Requesting Information From Your School

Jake Marmul '07 - Director of Admissions

Each middle school operates a little differently when it comes to sharing information with high schools... We are used to it!

While it might be the first time you are going through the process, we are pros... Remember, we are here to help you with the process and advocate for your son.

Read below for some quick Q&A regarding grade requests:

  • Q: When should I request grade information from my middle school?
    • We need a first quarter marking period from your 8th grade year, so typically we don't want any grade information before the end of October.  Additionally, some schools operate on trimester or semester grades - that's ok! We'll work with them to get a progress report or grade update, again normally at the end of October or even early November. The goal is just to get a good look at how your son is doing in 8th grade.

  • Q: Should I request his standardized test scores and 7th grade report cards early?
    • In short, no. If you have a copy of his 7th grade report card, or can download it easily from your parent portal, you can always go ahead and upload it early. Otherwise, we would MUCH rather have you wait and request everything from your current school at one time than ask them to send us over different batches of information.

  • Q: Who should I request the grade information from?
    • Each school is a little different, but typically it will come from the guidance office. We work with several of our typical feeder schools to get all of the information in a single batch, so once you request it from the guidance office you're good to go.

  • Q: When should I request a teacher recommendation? Is it better to get ahead of the rush?
    • Teachers are busy - especially right now with all of the changes this school year has brought on. We are not in any rush to get the teacher recommendation, and sending it in too early can actually have a negative impact on the recommendation if the teacher hasn't been able to get to know your son well yet.  Your best bet is to wait until the end of the first marking period (or the end of October/early November) to send a request in.

  • Q: How many teacher recommendations do I need?
    • Just one! Pick an 8th grade teacher in one of your core classes. You'll simply enter her/his email into the request box in your myCC, type a little introduction message, and click "send" to send the request. It is an easy process, and the responses come directly to us in the Admissions Office.

  • Q: What if my school won't do teacher recommendations?
    • There is a chance that if you're in a public school close to CC (Novi Middle School and some others) your teachers are not allowed to write a recommendation form for you. DO NOT PANIC! If we know that is the case for your school ahead of time, we will do our best to mark the item in your checklist as "waived." If you ask and your teacher says they are not allowed to send a request, just send us a quick email and we'll give you the next steps. It will not have a negative impact on your application.

  • Q: Will it help my application if I send in more than one teacher recommendation, or ask for a few other letters of recommendation?
    • We make sure to ask for enough information to get to know our applicants. If we feel like we need more information, or additional letters of recommendation, we will be sure to let you know. Otherwise, just focus on the one we ask for.

  • Q: Who should I send the Discipline Release request?
    • Typically this request will go to the Principal, Assistant Principal, or Guidance Office at your school. If you have questions, call the school ahead of time to ask who would sign a discipline release. Again, this should not be sent until the end of October or early November.

  • Q: Am I forgetting anything else?
    • There's a good chance I left a question you have off of this list! The good news is that we are here to answer questions and are only a quick email away ( I can't emphasize it enough - we are here to advocate for your son, and to help you get us the information we need. If you follow the checklist in your myCC, we'll be good to go. If we think we need more information, we will be sure to reach out!
I hope this helps, and look forward to seeing you at one of our events soon! 

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