The Spirit of CC Annual Fund offsets the "tuition gap" between what the actual cost per student that attends CC and the tuition rate. Currently, that gap is around $1,000 per student offset by our Annual Fund each year. 

The Annual Fund covers our operating budget items each year like classroom supplies, utilities costs, extracurricular travel costs...etc. This fund could be thought of as CC's "Checking" account and is the fastest way to make an immediate difference for our students.

List of 3 frequently asked questions.

  • Is the Annual Fund the same as the DRIVE?

    No, the DRIVE is a student fundraiser that supports tuition assistance for families that need it at CC. It is kept separate from the Annual Fund. The Annual Fund covers day-to-day expenses and ultimately allows us to better serve every student and keep tuition rates as low as possible.
  • Why is it important that I give to this fund every year? 

    We ask that you consider a gift to the Annual Fund every year because all the funds donated in one year to the fund are used in that school year towards our operating budget. There will always be a need to help offset our tuition gap and every dollar put into the Annual Fund is spent towards our students that year. 
  • Can I make my gift recurring every month? 

    Absolutely, you may choose to make your gift automatically each month via credit card or direct debit. 
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