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Basilian Built

At Catholic Central, spirituality permeates every aspect of student life. It is at the center of every activity, be it academic, athletic, or social.

looking up at our main entrance cross

From the short prayer and blessing that begins each school day to the annual spiritual retreat in which all students participate, there is an overall emphasis on Christian values. It is manifested in the daily Mass available every morning in our beautiful Chapel, every classroom, on every athletic field, and in the myriad student activities that are an integral part of the Catholic Central experience.

Regardless of religious affiliation, each CC student studies Catholic Theology every day, completes service hours, participates in a yearly retreat, and attends the all-school Masses that take place every month. 

"My faith is questioned and challenged every day by friends, classmates, and even professors. By using the base that I developed at Catholic Central, I have not only been able to explain my beliefs and argue them, but more importantly become even stronger in my faith."


The Basilians are a teaching order founded in the early 19th century, in the aftermath of the French Revolution. This was a time in which the Church and its priests were being heavily persecuted. 

The Congregation was founded by the First Ten Basilians: a group of unique men with very different interests, abilities, and callings who shared a fiercely strong faith and a steadfast determination to achieve their goals. 

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Basilians leaving school campus in 1956

Grounded in our Catholic tradition, Catholic Central has always been welcoming of other faith traditions. Our welcoming nature mirrors the outreach of our most recent Popes - St. John Paul II, Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, and Pope Francis - as they unite all Christians of goodwill in their baptism. This unity also extends to our non-Christian students.

Our foundation in this Christian identity is found in the Vatican II document, Declaration of the Relation of the Church to Non-Christian Religions, which boldly states that the Church "regards with sincere reverence those ways that often reflect a ray of the Truth which enlightens all." As we are strong in our Catholic faith, we are proud to walk with all our brothers. 

all school mass in the gymnasium