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With 9 Basilian Priests and more than 1,000 students, the Catholic Central family is a powerful source of prayer and support. If you have an intention you would like us to keep in mind, please login to MyCC and click on the Prayer Request tile on the Resource Board. 

Prayer requests are published below for those who asked that their request be shared with the CC family. 

Prayer Requests

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  • For the repose of the soul of Joe Sgroi '98

    Please pray for the family of Joe Sgroi ‘98 as they grieve his loss of life. Joe passed away on January 11, 2022.
  • For the repose of the soul of Mary Cefai

    It is with a heavy heart, that we share the news that Mary Cefai has gone to her eternal rest. Beloved mother of Susan Martin, adored grandmother of Andrew (’01) and aunt of Stephen (’92), Mary leaves behind a beautiful legacy and will be missed by many loving family members and friends. Please keep their entire family in your thoughts and prayers at this time.
    May you see God's light on the path ahead
    When the road you walk is dark.
    May you always hear,
    Even in your hour of sorrow,
    The gentle singing of the lark.
    When times are hard may hardness
    Never turn your heart to stone,
    May you always remember
    when the shadows fall,
    You do not walk alone.
    O Lord my God, you are attentive to the voices of our pleading. Let us find in your Son, comfort in our sadness, certainty in our doubt, and courage to live through this hour. Make our faith strong, through Christ our Lord.
    Visitation and Funeral Information can be found at the link below:
  • Our beautiful Grandson AJ needs a kidney

    Laura and Alex Kashenider
    A little of AJ’s story (for those reading this that may not personally know him). AJ has end stage renal failure due to PUV (Posterior Urethral Valves) in utero. A microscopic piece of tissue blocked the flow of urine from his bladder into his urethra. This caused a backup of fluid into his kidneys destroying them before he was even born. He was born a month early because he ran out of amniotic fluid (a lot of it is urine). His lungs were not ready and his body was overloaded with fluid. This caused his heart to work extremely hard and his tiny body just couldn’t keep up. He was placed on lifesaving ECMO at 1 week old. He fought hard through hemodialysis, ventilators, peritoneal dialysis, multiple surgeries and after 3 months in UofM’s PICU we brought our miracle baby home. He gets hooked up to his dialysis machine at home every single night for 12 hours. A transplant is his only option for a better quality of life. Despite his medical challenges AJ is an extremely happy and easy going baby.  He is almost crawling, teething like a champ, babbling all the time and he absolutely adores his sister Clara. He will turn 1 years old in June! We love him so much and pray his donor hero is out there reading this 🤍
    Here we are, ready to take the next step and find a kidney for AJ. There really isn’t an eloquent way to ask the hard question... would you be willing to donate a kidney to AJ? 
    This breaks my heart and is honestly the hardest question I will ever have to ask of my family, friends and strangers. 
    A living donor is the best option for AJ since these kidneys tend to last longer than a kidney from a deceased donor. He will be placed on the deceased donor list as well to cover all options but it could take years to find a match. 
    There are 2 ways you can help us in this kidney search. 
    The BIG one - sign up to be tested to see if you are AJ’s match. The easiest way to do this is send an email to stating that you would like to be tested as a potential match for AJ Kashenider. Last option is the phone number (800)333-9013 however there are a few prompts to go through. 
    Please SHARE THIS POST! Everywhere. In your feed, in stories, at work, etc. We don’t know if AJs match will be family, friend or a stranger. 
  • For Fr. Elmer, CSB '46

    Please pray for Fr. Elmer as he enters into the final stages of his journey home to God. Please see below for a letter from Father himself: 

    My dear relatives, friends and benefactors/CC benefactors: 
    The final leg of my journey home has begun.  I thank you for all the different ways you have shown your love for me and for CC.  That love is certainly returned by me.
    I look forward with joy to what is waiting for me at the end of the tunnel I now have entered. However my life has been far from perfect, so please include me in your daily prayers and at least weekly Masses now and After the hour of my death.
    And don’t forget that you too have a final leg to traverse.
    May our Holy Family bless you and your families now and forever.
    Fr. Rich Elmer, C.S.B. 
  • For the repose of the soul of Mr. Mark Schwab

  • Prayers for Health and Peace Needed

    Hello Prayer Warriors,
    With the sunshine, blue skies and green grass we are feeling the hope of Spring.  Our hopeful prayers are needed to support the following people.
    Anne Stevelinck, mother of Johnny ’15 and Jake ‘21 who is undergoing surgery next week for a tumor on her spine.  Unfortunately, due to the COVID outbreak visitors will not be allowed at the hospital.  Anne will have to go through the surgery and in hospital recovery alone.  Please pray for a successful surgery and a healthy recovery for Anne physically, mentally and spiritually.
    Please remember Robert O’Brien class of  ‘10 , son of Patricia Thull O’Brien who would appreciate  prayers for his good health and healing.
    May God, the Creator of all, bless Anne and Robert and their families with good health, protection and strength. May God, the Holy Father take away all Anne and Roberts health related problems and worries and the Holy Spirit give them peace, freedom, strength and protection.  Amen.
    Mary Alma Mater, Pray for Anne and Robert                   St. Basil the Great, Pray for Anne and Robert
    With Sincerity,
    Bridget Stockton
    Catholic Central Mothers’ Club Past President 2019-2020
  • For the repose of the soul of Kathleen Corrigan

    I wanted to pass along news of a recent death.  Kathleen Corrigan, Mother to Maureen, Mother-in-law to Kenneth and Grandmother to Sean ’11, Connor ’14 and Kyle ’20 Gaffney passed away on February 6th.
    Mrs. Corrigan will lie in state Monday, February 10th, at 10:30 a.m., until the time of her Funeral Mass at 11:00 a.m. at St. Owen Catholic Church, 6869 Franklin Rd., Bloomfield Hills. Following Kathleen's Funeral Mass, her family invites all in attendance to continue to celebrate her life with a luncheon in her honor, which will be held at Meriwether’s, 25485 Telegraph Rd., Southfield, MI 48033.
    In lieu of flowers, donations in Kathleen’s name are appreciated to Alzheimer’s Research.
    Father of all, we pray to you for Kathleen and for all those whom we love but see no longer. Grant to them eternal rest. Let light perpetual shine upon them. May her soul and the souls of all the departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace.
    Mary Alma Mater, pray for Kathleen           St. Basil the Great, pray for Kathleen
    With Sincerity,
    Bridget Stockton
    Catholic Central Mothers’ Club Past President 2019-2020
  • For Cathy Britz's husband Joe

    Hello Prayer Warriors,
    We are called to action.  Please start storming heaven with prayers for Cathy Britz’s husband Joe. They are down at Ohio State Medical Center for a month because he is having a procedure called Car-t done on Mon 2/10.  He has been recently received a very serious diagnosis of Lymphoma.  Your prayers will envelope the two of them in faith, hope and love.
    O great St. Peregrine, you have been called “The Mighty,” “The Wonder-Worker,” because of the numerous miracles which you have obtained from God for those who have had recourse to you.
    For so many years you bore in your own flesh this cancerous disease that destroys the very fibre of our being, and who had recourse to the source of all grace when the power of man could do no more. You were favoured with the vision of Jesus coming down from His Cross to heal your affliction. Ask of God and Our Lady, the cure of the sick whom we entrust to you, including Joe Britz and Kim Gulley.
    Aided in this way by your powerful intercession, we shall sing to God, now and for all eternity, a song of gratitude for His great goodness and mercy.  Amen.
    Mary Alma Mater, pray for us       St. Basil the Great, pray for us
    With Sincerity,
    Bridget Stockton
    Catholic Central Mothers’ Club Past President 2019-2020
  • For Kim Gulley

    Kim is the sister of Dawn Brownell-Adie and Aunt of Conor Brownell ’20.
    Kim has just been diagnosed with melanoma that has spread to her lymph nodes. Prayers for healing are needed so that the cancer doesn’t spread to other organs.  Please pray for her healing and for the healing of all others in our Catholic Central family that are battling this horrible disease called cancer.  Prayers are powerful and together we can lift up in body, spirit and mind those suffering with this affliction and their families.
    Father God, we humbly pray for all those who are fighting cancer. Give them the hope and courage they need each day. Comfort them in their pain and bless them with healing. Strengthen their family, friends, and caregivers. In Jesus’ name, Amen.
    Mary Alma Mater, pray for Kim                             St. Basil the Great, pray for Kim
    With Sincerity,
    Bridget Stockton
    Catholic Central Mothers’ Club Past President 2019-2020
  • For relief from progression of Parkinson's

    Kathy Dominski - Aunt of Ross Johanningsmeier 2021
  • Special Need Request for John Cicchelli's '66 wife, Vicki

    • We Need Your Help. I am John Cicchelli, Class of '66. My wife, Vicki, needs a kidney transplant. Please read her story. Thank you.

      I am asking for a few minutes of your time. I am not good at asking for anything, but I am forced at this point in my like to do so.

      In 2012 my doctor required a CAT Scan. The results found I had a mass on my right kidney and, because it was quite large, both the kidney and the mass had to be removed. Fortunately, the outcome was very positive, no cancer. I have led a very normal life since, until last fall. I was told by my doctor that I need a kidney transplant. My left kidney is failing. I have been unwillingly thrown into the world of transplants. I feel lucky to be living in a world where it is possible to be helped. I need to find a match, a donor, someone willing or someone you know willing to donate a kidney.

      Life can be normal with one kidney. Donors are screened by U of M and all information is very confidential. Please call me for more information, and thank you for your thoughtful consideration. I have to try to reach as many people as possible...the reason for my request. Thank you forever!

      Vicki Cicchelli (810) 229-9934
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