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Logos & Standards

We are one brand with many different departments, offices, teams, and organizations under one visual identity. We help strengthen Catholic Central's brand, recognition, and professional appearance when we know and follow these basic branding standards.



  • Official Crest - The official CC Crest which contains the school motto of "Teach me, Goodness, Discipline, and Knowledge." The crest also embodies the schools identity with a Greek Cross, Mystical Rose, Cog-Wheel, Shamrock, and establishment year "1928". 
  • Official Logo - Our mascot logo is widely known and used throughout Athletics Department and Student Activities. It is the Shamrock from the school crest with the interlocking "CC". 
  • Banner Crest - The banner crest is a combination of our official school crest with the addition of our school name "Detroit Catholic Central", establishment year "1928", and founding fathers "Basilian Fathers".