Mission Statement

The mission of the Catholic Central Alumni Association is to provide services, benefits, and activities of interest to the alumni and foster an alumni body which is interested and involved in the affairs and functions of the school, and to provide such assistance to the school as may from time to time be requested of it.

List of 9 frequently asked questions.

  • Spirituality & Vocations

    Develop and implement events, programs, and activities to provide for the spiritual enrichment of alumni; identify events, programs, activities and strategies which may be recommended to the administration of the School with the objective of increasing religious vocations.

    Chairman: Carmine Palombo '70
  • Nominations Committee

    Determine the qualifications for membership in the Alumni Board of Directors; identify and nominate for Board membership alumni who will actively participate in Board activities; recommend members for advisory member status; nominate officers.

    Chairman: Dante Cerroni '96 
  • Boys' Bowl Mass and Breakfast

    Promote, organize and conduct the Boys’ Bowl Alumni Mass and Breakfast as a zero cost event for Alumni and their families to show appreciation.

    Chairman: Dennis Barnes '79
  • CC Ambassadors 

    A Group of Alumni who are committed to Catholic Central High School in support of Institutional Advancement.

    Chairman: John Sprys '60
  • Early Involvement

    Develop and implement events, programs, activities and strategies which will engage and retain the interest and participation of graduating seniors and recent alumni.

    Chairman: Scott Hauncher '89
  • Silent Majority / Out-of-State Committee

    Develop and implement events, programs, activities and strategies specifically intended to attract and engage those alumni who have not been meaningfully involved in the affairs of the School and the Alumni Association, including those who reside outside of the Southeastern Michigan area.

    Chairman: Jack Rajkovich '67
  • Alumni Softball League

    Promote and organize an alumni softball tournament or league.

    Chairman: John Dwyer '09 
  • Alumni Dinner

    Promote, organize and conduct the Annual Alumni Dinner and to designate the annual Fr. Harrison Distinguished Alumni Award.

    Chairman: Bob Forte '69
  • Career Guidance 

    In cooperation with the Administration of the School, implement and conduct career guidance programs with the assistance of Alumni.  Such programs would include career day trips, a Speakers' Bureau featuring selected professions and occupations, and other similar endeavors.

    Chairman: David Brauer '84

Executive Board

List of 4 members.

  • Mr. Scott Hauncher 89

  • Mr. David Brauer 84

  • Mr. Thomas Nugent 78

  • Mr. John Foley 73


Board of Directors

2017-2018 Alumni Association 
Board of Directors

  • John Argenta '58
  • Dennis Barnes '79
  • David Brauer '84
  • James Burns '04
  • Billy Burns '03
  • Michael Butler '71
  • Dante Cerroni '96
  • John Doyle Jr. '82
  • Robert Forte '69
  • Bryan Genrich '03
  • Vinool Hesano '67
  • Robert Karwan '77
  • Hon. T. David Law '87
  • Tim McClorey '82
  • Donald Melotik '56
  • Nick Merucci '83
  • Frank Murphy '83
  • Patrick Nesbitt '62
  • Carmine Palombo '70
  • Jack Rajkovich '67
  • John Ronayne III '64
  • Robert Rosowski '58
  • Robert Santello '58
  • Dr. Phil Schmitt '83
  • Rudolf Seichter '59
  • Andrew Slankster '94
  • John Sprys '60
  • Stan Targosz Jr. '67
  • Anthony Tomey '99
  • Roy Wilson III '66
  • Jeff Wiska '77
“Teach Me Goodness, Discipline, and Knowledge” is the motto of the Basilian Fathers and the sacred mission of Catholic Central High School. For ninety years, the graduates of Catholic Central have made a positive impact locally, nationally, and around the world.