Welcome to Catholic Central's Class of 2026!
We will continue to update this page as more information becomes available, and if you have any questions in the meantime please do not hesitate to reach out to us in the Admissions Office.

Please continue to pray for us, as we will for you.
Thank you,
Mr. Jake Marmul '07
Director of Admissions and Public Relations
Detroit Catholic Central High School

What's Next

List of 11 frequently asked questions.

  • Secure your spot!

    • Log in to your parent myCC account and click the “decisions” tab, where you can accept your spot in the Class of 2026.
    • Once you accept your spot, you will see a yellow banner that will allow you to set up your CC SmartTuition account, complete the Enrollment Contract, and pay your $500 deposit.
      • The deposit is non-refundable, and counts towards your total balance of tuition.
  • Device Recommendations

    • You can find recommendations for devices from our IT department here.
    • For math, the TI-84 calculators are the best.  Any edition is fine.
  • Financial Aid

  • Summer Enrichment Program

    • Summer enrichment classes will run on the following 16 dates:
      • Week 1: Tuesday, June 21 - Friday June 24
      • Week 2: Monday, June 27 - Thursday, June 30
      • Week 3: Tuesday, July 5 - Friday, July 8
      • Week 4: Monday, July 11 - Thursday, July 14
    • There are three time slots for classes:
      • Period 1:  8:00 - 9:25 AM
      • Period 2:  9:30 - 10:55 AM
      • Period 3:  11:00 - 12:25 PM
    The courses offered are English Grammar, Math, and Reading, and each class runs for the entirety of the 4 weeks (16 sessions).

    Class will consist of daily work, homework, tests, and quizzes.

    The cost for each class is $200 (cash or check). Payment is also available by credit card for an additional fee.

    Click here to register

    Detailed information will be sent to registered families the week of June 13.
  • Referrals

    • We are still accepting applications and working with families! If you know of a family we should contact please let us know here.
  • Explore Your Course Schedule Options

    • Take some time to browse our course syllabi, and start to figure out what classes you might be interested in!
    • Once we receive your online deposit, we begin to build out your class options.
    • We are being especially deliberate in our class placement process this year, as we need to meet students where they are and form a plan to help place them on track to achieve their goals.
    • Your course options will be available in your parent myCC account, and you must "save" your selections to submit them to your couselor.
    • Use this worksheet to help your plan your freshman year, and you are feeling really ambitious you can use this worksheet to start working on your 4-year plan.
  • Additional Placement Exams

    • We are planning an exam date on May 7 for students who wish to try to place into an honors class and do not have the option for their initial course selection process.
    • A makeup test will be offered on May 13.
    • Speak with your counselor to register.
  • Summer Reading Books

    • All CC students are required to complete three assigned books over the summer. The summer reading test will cover all three of the books.
      • The test will take place in the 2nd week of school in August.
    • Any unabridged version of the text will be suitable. (You may also find editions in Kindle eBooks or in iBooks.)  Students will not be responsible for any introductory material; they will be responsible for the actual text of the book.
    • Please contact Mrs. Daria Files ( with any questions or concerns.
    • When the titles are released they will be posted here and we will send an email to registered families.

    • You can find all of the required health forms on your parent myCC account resources tab. Look for the "Magnus Health" tile.
    • Each student must have a current health record on file with the physical exam completed after April 15.
    • Your child’s health information will be recorded online, through the management system of Magnus Health SMR (Student Medical Record).
    • There are many benefits to maintaining student medical information on an online database system; i.e., less paperwork for parents to complete each year and having more accurate information that is accessible to parents and the appropriate employees at our school. As this is a web-based system, you will have continuous access to your child’s health record as well as the ability to make updates when needed.
    • Submitting the required forms listed below by July 15 is vital in making preparations before the first day of school.  The law states that if any student’s current health record is not on file, we may not allow him to attend classes or participate in any sport.
      • Conditional Questions
      • Vital Health Record
      • MHSAA Physical Form
      • Immunization Record
      • Concussion Awareness Acknowledgement Form
      • Over-the-Counter Medication Form
      • Prescription Medication Form
      • Parent Permission Form for Retreat Participation
      • Authorization to Receive Text Messages
      • Athletic Acknowledgement
      • Parent Athletic/CoCurricular Permission Form
      • All Athletes – Assumption of Risk
    • Fall Sports:
      • Students planning to participate in a fall sport (cross country, football, soccer, tennis) must have their completed health forms on file by Thursday, July 15; otherwise, they will not be allowed to participate in any weight conditioning, tryouts or practices.
  • Community Service Hours

    • All students at Catholic Central are required to complete service hours, and they are logged in our X2Volv account, which they will receive in August. Full details and instructions will be given to students in August when school begins.
    • In the meantime, if your son wants to get a head start on service hours, he should keep track of the following:
      • Name of the Agency, organization, or place of service
      • Date(s) of volunteer work
      • Number of hours served
      • Contact information of the person at the agency or organization who can verify his service hours.
        • Usually people provide their email address. Once your son logs in his service hours, X2Vol generates an email link asking that person to verify his service. If that person opts out of providing his/her email, they can sign a piece of paper with the information above, and your son can take a picture of it with his phone.  When he logs in his service hours onto his X2Vol account, he can merely upload the picture with his service submission.
    • Any questions can be directed to our Campus Minister, Mr. Kevin Walters, at 
  • Dress Code

    • You will receive a full student-parent handbook towards the start of the year that contains all rules/regulations
    • Basic dress code is a shirt with a collar, tucked into dress pants with a belt.

Required Classes

List of 4 frequently asked questions.

  • Theology

    All of our Theology Courses are designed to meet students where they are. We have young men coming from many different educational and religious backgrounds, but all will be united in the same Catholic theology courses.

    All of our Theology Courses are designed to meet students where they are. We have young men coming from many different educational and religious backgrounds, but all will be united in the same Catholic theology courses.

    Theology courses in 9th-11th grade are standard. 12th grade students are able to choose from a number of Theology electives.

    9th Grade Theology Courses:
    • Revelation (1/2 unit)
    • Christology (1/2 unit)
  • Math

    Our standard freshman math course is Algebra 1. We understand that many students will have been exposed to Algebra concepts in middle school but need to ensure that gaps will not show up in Algebra 2 and other higher level classes.

    Students may place out of Algebra 1 with:
    1. A high school credit on a transcript for Algebra 1
    2. A 75% or higher on the CC Math Placement Test in May
    3. An acceptable score on the HSPT or PSAT 8/9
    • Algebra 1 
      • Our standard math course for freshmen puts students on pace to successfully complete pre-calculus as a senior.
    • Honors Algebra 2
      • Available only with permission, the Honors Algebra 2 course is geared towards the top 10% of the incoming class. This class places students on track to reach an AP Calculus class as a senior.
    • Plane Geometry
      • Students who successfully place out of Algebra 1 but are not placed into the Honors Algebra 2 course may opt to take this course. It will put students on track to reach a Calculus class as a senior.
  • Health / Physical Education

    All students must complete a semester of health combined with their choice of either physical education or wrestling.
    • Health (1/2 unit)
    • Physical Education (1/2 unit)
    • Beginning Wrestling, Officiating, and Weightlifting (1/2 unit)
      • Students do not need any experience in wrestling, but due to the nature of the course and health standards will be required to shower in the locker room after every class.
  • English

    The English Department has a summer reading program for all students. A Summer Reading Test held on the first Monday of the school year will constitute 20% of the 1st quarter grade. Book lists will be made available to students by the beginning of June.

    • Reading Comprehension and Study Skills (1 unit)
      • Students are placed in this course according to their application, standardized test scores, and report card history. It is meant to strengthen skills in reading and study skills and is taken in addition to the English 1 course.
    • English 1 (1 unit)
      • The main English course for our students.
    • Honors English 1 (1 unit)
      • Available only with permission, the Honors English 1 class is geared towards the top 10% of the incoming class. 
    • Debate and Forensics (1/2 unit)
      • This class is for students who are willing to participate in a variety of speech activities. Debate and Forensics is an elective course, and is taken in addition to English 1 or Honors English 1.


List of 6 frequently asked questions.

  • Computer / Technology

    All of these courses are 1/2 unit (1 semester in length).

    • Keyboarding/Computer Literacy (Grades 9-12)
    • Introduction to Robotics (Grades 9-12)
    • Website Production with Dreamweaver  (Grades 9-12)
      • Students should have a working knowledge of computers and Internet browsing
    • Student News*  (Grades 9-12)
      • Fulfills the student's Fine Art requirement for graduation
    • Cinema Production 1*  (Grades 9-12)
      • Fulfills the student's Fine Art requirement for graduation
  • Fine Arts

    Students are permitted to enroll in a maximum of two art classes per semester. All classes are 1/2 unit unless otherwise marked.

    • Art
      • Introduction to Art (Grades 9-11 ... 1 unit) 
      • Graphic Design  (Grades 9-12)
      • Photoshop  (Grades 9-12)
      • Cinema Production 1  (Grades 9-12)
      • Student News  (Grades 9-12)
    • Drama
      • Introduction to Drama  (Grades 9-12)
    • Music 
      • Beginning Band (Grades 9, 10 ... 1 unit) 
      • Marching/Concert Band (Grades 9, 10 ... 1 unit) ###
        • Student should have previous experience on a band instrument
      • Marching/Symphonic Band (Grades 9 - 12 ... 1 unit) ###
        • By audition only
      • Jazz Ensemble (Grades 9-12 ... 1 unit)
        • By audition only
      • String Orchestra (Grades 9-12 ... 1 unit)
        • By audition only
      • Vocal Music (Grades 9-12 ... 1 unit)
        • By audition only;  some experience reading music preferred.
    • ### The Marching/Concert and Marching/Symphonic Bands combine to form one large marching band in the fall. Both groups participate in any overseas trips the marching band takes.
  • Foreign Language

    All students will begin in a level 1 course unless:
    1. High School credit is shown on a transcript
    2. Student takes the CC Foreign Language Placement Test in May 
    3. Student’s score on the HSPT or PSAT 8/9 indicates aptitude for an honors level class

    All Foreign Language classes are a full unit. Honors classes do not require prior experience in the foreign language.

    • Classical Language
      • Latin 1 (Grades 9-12)
      • Honors Latin 1 (Grades 9-12)
    • Modern Language
      • French 1 (Grades 9-11)
      • Honors French 1 (Grades 9,10)
      • Spanish 1 (Grades 9-11)
      • Honors Spanish 1 (Grades 9,10)
  • Science

    • Biology (Grades 9,10 ... 1 unit)
      • Our college prep science course for freshmen is geared towards the vast majority of our students.
    • Honors Biology (Grades 9,10 ... 1 unit)
      • Available only with permission, the Honors Biology is geared towards the top 10% of the incoming class. Sophomores need a 3.8 GPA and Department Chair permission to take this course.
  • Social Studies

    • US History and Geography (Grades 9,10 ... 1 unit)
      • Students do not have access to an Honors or Advanced Placement History class until sophomore year.
  • Study Hall

    Students are able to elect to take a study hall to fill one of their elective time slots. Study Halls do not count towards graduation credits, but do count towards the 7 units required each year.

    During Study Hall a student reports to an assigned classroom to have an extra class period to complete assignments or study for other classes.

    • Semester Study Hall (1/2 unit of schedule, no credit)
      • We are unable to pick which semester the study hall will be scheduled for, as it depends on the remainder of the student schedule.
    • Full-Year Study Hall (1 unit of schedule, no credit)

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  • Photo of Jake Marmul

    Mr. Jake Marmul 07

    Director of Admissions & Public Relations
  • Photo of David Sofran

    Mr. David Sofran 

    Admissions Enrollment Manager
  • Photo of Tony Jones

    Mr. Tony Jones 

    Community Outreach and Retention
Logging In To Your myCC Account
  • If you are not in our system, please start by submitting an inquiry here. Once we process the inquiry, you will then be able to log in using the directions above
Please contact the Admissions Office if you are having any trouble.

Summer Activities

List of 7 frequently asked questions.

  • Strength and Conditioning

    Summer workouts are available for all incoming freshmen on the following dates from 1pm - 2:30pm:
    • Tuesday, June 21
    • Thursday, June 23
    • Tuesday, June 28
    • Thursday, June 30
    • Tuesday, July 12
    • Thursday, July 14
  • Baseball

    •  Contact Coach Rogowski:
    • Camps:
      • June 28th-29th from 1:30 - 4:30
      • July 19th-20th from 1:00 - 3:45
      • August 2nd-3rd from 1:00 - 3:45
    • Incoming Freshmen:
      • We would like ALL Incoming Freshmen to join the July 19th-20th camp or the August 2nd-3rd camp. We do though have incoming freshmen signed up for all 3 camps. The more we get to see your son in action the more we get to evaluate him. 
      • Summer Camp Registration Link
  • Basketball

    The Incoming Freshman Basketball Clinic is a great opportunity to learn directly from the Catholic Central Coaching Staff. 

    It is an introduction to Catholic Central Basketball that you don’t want to miss!
  • Football

    • Contact:
    • Link for 2022 Freshman Football. Link to form
    • Letter from Coach: Link to letter
    • Strength and Conditioning:
      • June 6 through July 21
        • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 9am - 10:30am (summer school is the priority for students in both, and students are able to attend the dates listed under strength and conditioning above)
      • OR Sports Performance Camp
    • MHSAA Dead Week July 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
    • Team Camp: July 25-28 from 6-8pm
    • Conditioning Week: August 1-4 from 5-7pm
    • Practice begins August 8 at 8am
  • Hockey

    • Contact:
      • Coach Spiegel:
      • Coach Kaleniecki:
    • Freshmen skates
      • June 6th (6:30 pm), 8th (7:40 pm), 9th (6:30 pm) at USA Arena.
      • Cost is $125
    • JV summer skates 
      • These skates are for all 9th, 10th and 11th grade CC students interested in playing hockey at CC.  More details on the JV skates will be provided at the freshman skates.
      • Coaches from Varsity, JV White and JV Blue will be evaluating players during these skates.
      • At the conclusion of the JV summer skates the preseason team will be selected.
      • The official CC hockey tryouts will be November 1st.
      • Please complete this link to register
  • Robotics

    • Contact:
    • May 9 Info Night: 7PM
    • 24243 Beck Road Suite B-14, Wixom (off-site robotics center)
    • Info Sheet
  • Soccer

    • Contact: 
    • Captain Practices
      • CC Stadium
      • Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
      • June 7 - August 4: 7:30 AM - 9:30 AM
    • Soccer Camp
      • Grades 9-12
      • July 18-21: 9AM- 12PM
      • Email coach for information
    • Tryouts
      • August 10 TBD

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