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Drive Fundraiser

An In-Depth Look at the DRIVE | Aluminator Feature

DRIVE 2024 | Students Raise $873,034 for Tuition Assistance

DRIVE Development Days

The Catholic Central DRIVE Development Day series brings professional learning opportunities to students across grade levels to hone their leadership skills and gain real-world experience. Students are encouraged to utilize Friday DRIVE Holidays to invest in their futures by participating in DRIVE Development Days. Opportunities vary each year, ranging from college visits to wealth management skills.

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Each year in February, the Catholic Central students, faculty, and community pack into the  gymnasium for the culmination of school spirit, The Catholic Central DRIVE.  The DRIVE is Catholic Central's annual raffle ticket fundraiser for tuition assistance.  It is an entire week of spirit assemblies, giveaways,  sales challenges, hallway decorations, entertainment, and much more!

The most impactful element of the DRIVE, though, is the amount of money raised for Tuition Assistance.  Every dollar raised during the fundraiser goes towards helping Catholic Central brothers in affording school tuition. Because of the DRIVE there have been many young men that have been able to attend Catholic Central through the generosity of the Catholic Central community.

Annually, the senior class in charge of  putting together an impactful  DRIVE by selecting the DRIVE theme, creating entertainment, and running the DRIVE assemblies. 

For many, the DRIVE is a tradition like no other, and creates memories for a lifetime. 

The DRIVE winners are announced at the end of April. 

Drive 2024

The Annual CC Drive runs from Friday, February 16 until Monday, February 26. The drawing for the Drive will be held on Tuesday, April 16, 2024.