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The aim of guidance is to enable each student to understand his abilities, interests and personality traits, to develop them as well as possible, and to relate them to his life goals. Counselors also establish a state of mature self-guidance as they encourage and aid the student to make wise decisions, and many times becoming sounding boards for any personal problems he may encounter.

The Guidance Department at Catholic Central plays an important role in assisting students in their various needs and helping them to achieve their goals. 
Resources provided by the Guidance Department: 
  • College Preparatory Presentations/Documents
  • Course Selection Booklet
  • ACT/SAT preparation and information
  • Naviance Student
  • Resource page for Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors
To access these resources, please login by clicking 'myCC' at the top right of the website, then click 'Resources' and the appropriate page depending on your class.

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  • Summer School

    A student who fails the first semester of a full-year course but successfully completes the second semester will be given a full unit of credit. The student will receive a D- in place of the failing grade received in the first semester. 

    The failure of two subjects will mean that the student is not entitled to return to Catholic Central in the following academic semester. 

    A student who fails any course must make up the course in a Summer School program before the beginning of the following academic year. He may not repeat the course during the regular term at Catholic Central. The summer school grade will appear on the student's transcript, and the average of both grades will replace the failing mark. Failure of a Theology class requires that the deficiency be made up during Summer School. An individual project assigned by the Director of Theology must be completed during the Summer School term. 

    If a student chooses to attend Summer School to upgrade a final mark received on his report card, the Summer School grade will appear on the student's transcript. The average of both grades will replace the original grade, which will be computed in his cumulative grade point average. 

    Enrichment courses (any course not offered by Catholic Central) will appear on the student's transcript but will not be computed in his cumulative grade point average. At the end of each semester, those students failing to reach a C- average minimum will be placed on academic probation. Students who fail to maintain a C- average for each year will be asked not to return.
  • Work Permit

    Please visit the Guidance Office or to retrieve your work permit
    • CA-6 for students under the age of 16  
    • CA-7 for students16 and 17 years of age
    Student/Parent complete section I

    Have your employer complete section II

    When both sections I & II are completed the Guidance Office can complete section III. The original work permit will go back to your employer, a copy will be kept in the Guidance Office.

  • Additional Academic Support

    1. Talk to your teachers - students often find it difficult to approach teachers one-on-one to ask for help with content they don’t grasp. This is an excellent skill to develop while in high school. Your teachers are here because they want their students to learn. They don’t always know whether a student understands the content or not. 
      1. Teachers are available before and after school.
      2. Check their classroom page for specifics about availability. 
    2. Math Lab - available to all Freshmen and Sophomores during period 5.
      1. Ms. Carter hosts the Math Lab in room 231.
      2. You do not need to have Ms. Carter as your math teacher - any freshmen or sophomores may utilize Math Lab.
    3. Shamrock Scholars Study Hall
      1. Available to all students
      2. Located in the Learning Commons
      3. Monday through Thursday, 3:00-4:30pm
      4. Mr. Fras is the coordinator. If you need tutoring help, contact him upon arrival in the Learning Commons. Be sure to check in with him by 3:10pm. 
      5. Tutors are available in most subjects. National Honor Society members volunteer to tutor in their strongest subjects. Mr. Fras pairs students seeking help with NHS student tutors.
    4. English Tutoring
      1. Mr. Tom Daniels is available 3:00-4:30pm on Tuesdays & Thursdays
      2. Retired English teacher
      3. In the LSC - Learning Commons
      4. Available to all students
    Khan Academy - Free online resource to assist with Math, Science, Computer Programming and more -

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