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The aim of counseling is to enable each student to understand his abilities, interests, and personality traits, to develop them as well as possible, and to relate them to his life goals. Counselors also establish a state of mature self-guidance as they encourage and aid the student to make wise decisions, and many times becoming sounding boards for any personal problems he may encounter.

The Counseling Department at Catholic Central plays an important role in assisting students in their various needs and helping them to achieve their goals. 


Resources provided by the COUNSELING Department: 

College Preparatory Presentations/Documents
Course Selection Booklet
ACT/SAT preparation and information
Naviance Student
Resource page for Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors

To access these resources, please login to MyCC, then click 'Resources' and the appropriate page depending on your class.

Additional Information

Counseling Team

Alan Barker

Alan Barker


Kimberly Bennett


Ashley Diehl


Sarah Flagg


Carol Jung

Counseling Office Administrative Assistant

Patrick O'Brien

Counselor, Department Head
Jodi Siberski

Jodi Siberski

Student Wellness Counselor

Jennifer Sprys-Tellner