Our Academic Program

The Curriculum of Catholic Central High School is the result of careful planning and evaluation. It is designed to meet the special needs and interests of all students while developing skills and attitudes basic to our social, civic and economic life. The courses of study, offering an integrated Christian approach, are endorsed by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools and lead to a fully accredited high school diploma. The course of study at Catholic Central High School is designed to prepare students for college. Students are given wide latitude in their subject selections but are advised to obtain the professional advice of their counselor when choosing a program for the school year.
To access the syllabi for any of the courses offered here at Catholic Central, choose the department listed and a drop down will show the courses in that department. The syllabi themselves can be accessed by choosing the course link.

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Theology - (four credits)

English - (four credits)

Mathematics - (four credits)
  • Algebra I - (one unit)
  • Geometry - (one unit)
  • Algebra II - (one unit)
  • Additional Math or Math-Related Elective - (one unit)
Science - (three credits)
  • Biology - (one unit)
  • Chemistry - (one unit)
  • Additional Science Elective - (one unit)
Social Studies - (three credits)
  • World History and Geography - (one unit)
  • U.S. History and Geography - (one unit)
  • American Government - (1/2 unit)
  • Economics - (1/2 unit)
Health and Physical Education - (one credit)

Classical / Modern Language - (two credits)
  • (Both units in same language)
Visual or Performing Arts - (one credit)

Additional Electives - (two credits)

Recent News:

List of 3 news stories.

  • Students Earn Eagle Scout Rank

    Twin brothers Ethan and Gavin Williams ‘22  earned the rank of Eagle Scout five days before their 18th birthday, making them feel “on top of the world.”
  • Hockey Alumni Game, Appreciation Night Welcomes Home Over 60 Alumni

    Detroit Catholic Central welcomed home over 60 alumni hockey program players and their families for a fun-filled, competitive day of CC Hockey and camaraderie on Saturday, January 8, at USA Hockey Arena, the home of Catholic Central Hockey.
  • Rugby Team Celebrates Athletes’ Successes, Prepares for Season

    Catholic Central Rugby players Charles Fitrakis ‘23 and Brogan Maher ‘23  were selected for the USA Rugby South Panther Academy’s 2021 U16 team, competing in the North American Invitational 7s held in Salt Lake City this past July. The tournament is one of the largest rugby tournaments in the world, with well over 1,000 players in attendance from the USA, Caribbean, Pacific Islands, and Canada.
Teach Me Goodness, Discipline, and Knowledge” is the motto of the Basilian Fathers and the sacred mission of Catholic Central High School. For more than ninety years, the graduates of Catholic Central have made a positive impact on their communities at a local, national, and global level.