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Our History

Most private institutions have sprung from rather humble beginnings. Catholic Central is no exception.

Catholic Central is no exception. In May, 1928, Monsignor Van Antwerp, the Vicar-General of the Diocese of Detroit and pastor of Holy Rosary Church on Woodward Avenue, made known his plan to convert his parochial high school on Harper Avenue near Woodward into a boys high school. He requested the Basilian Fathers to take over the management of the school and to staff it. When the bell sounded for the first class in early September, 1928, there were 260 students at their desks ready to begin the school year.

Although Holy Rosary school no longer exists, the Church where Catholic Central had its beginnings still stands proudly on Woodward Avenue. Atop this Church is a remarkable statue of Our Lady. Mary has been and continues to be the principal patron of Catholic Central. Such patronage, perhaps stronger than it has ever been, can be traced back to Catholic Central's earliest days when it was located in the parish church of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary.

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Our Campuses

Our Crest

If you visit Catholic Central you may notice students walking around the school crest in the main entrance. The "Tradition of the Crest" was created in the Fall of 2005 by the students of the new Wixom Road campus. They vowed to never let anyone walk across the crest, as a sign of respect for our Blessed Mother, the teachings of the Basilian Fathers, and the motto of our School.

 Designed by Fr. Ned Donoher, CSB

Mary, Alma Mater

Mary, Alma Mater, your sons of Central honor, and trusting in your goodness, we hopefully implore that by your grace we may everyday prove that we are men of Mary, Alma Mater. Inspire us evermore.

Mary, Alma Mater, your sons of Central honor, and proudly wear your colors, the Royal Blue and White. May valiant Blue and peerless White teach us to be men of Mary, Alma Mater. Inspire us evermore.