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Diversity & Equity

2022 student athletes smiling during an assembly

Graduating seniors of Detroit Catholic Central are formed over their four years in the Basilian tradition of goodness, discipline, and knowledge. Diversity and equity are woven into the full Catholic Central experience, providing students with opportunities to better know themselves and their fellow Shamrocks. Catholic values, combined with our Basilian tradition, advance mutual respect and brotherhood among students.

At Catholic Central, our responsibility for forming young men in excellence is inseparable from our dedication to diversity and equity.  Diversity and equity are two interconnected concepts—but they are far from interchangeable. Diversity is about representation, or the make-up of an entity.  Equity is a state that’s established when every individual has the specific support they need to succeed and grow.  Catholic Central remains committed to these concepts to ensure that our school is a welcoming community for families of all backgrounds.

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Renewed Commitment

Under the leadership of Director of Community Engagement and Diversity Kevin Glenn, Catholic Central embarked on a renewed commitment to diversity and equity in fall 2021. The Diversity Equity Task Force was formed, composed of key faculty and staff, to review the full Catholic Central experience. Catholic Central also partners with The Simmons Advantage, a group providing training and in-depth reviews of diversity and equitable initiatives to schools and organizations around the country.

Diversity & Equity Task Force


The Diversity & Equity Task Force is a volunteer group that builds bridges within and among the school community to foster a culture of respect, trust, and understanding that will be associated with the enhancement of the Catholic Central High School experience.  It consists of 25 members, 16 departments, with 7 subcommittees: Student Intervention & Retention, Marketing & Communication, Instruction/Curriculum, Events & Celebrations, Employee Pipeline, Procurement, Policy Review. 

Mission Statement
Catholic Central prepares our students to become productive, faith-filled members of society by providing competitive, equitable opportunities and support for individuals of diverse backgrounds.

Meet the Diversity & Equity Task Force

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Kevin Glenn

Director of Community Engagement and Diversity
Diversity & Equity Task Force

Daniel Anderson

Social Studies Teacher
Social Studies, Diversity & Equity Task Force

Aaron Babicz

Athletic Director
Athletics, Diversity & Equity Task Force

Crystal Cannon

French Teacher
Languages, Diversity & Equity Task Force

Daniel Collins

Director of Advancement
Advancement, Diversity & Equity Task Force

Russell Facione

Social Studies, Diversity & Equity Task Force

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