2020 Welcome Back

Hello Catholic Central Families,

We are looking forward to the start of the year on Monday, August 17th!

Below you will find the answers to several FAQs. Please take the time to look through them so that your son can be as ready as possible for the start of classes.

List of 15 frequently asked questions.

  • First Week Schedule

    • Monday, August 17
      • Group A
        • In Person Orientation
        • Full school day schedule
        • Bus transportation will be running
      • Group B
        • No school

    • Tuesday, August 18
      • Group A
        • No school
      • Group B
        • In Person Orientation
        • Full school day schedule
        • Bus transportation will be running

    • Wednesday, August 19
      • Full day of classes (8am - 2:45pm)
      • Group A is in person
      • Group B must log in live remotely

    • Thursday, August 20
      • Full day of classes (8am - 2:45pm)
      • Group A must log in remotely
      • Group B is in person

    • Friday, August 21
      • Full day of classes (8am - 2:45pm)
      • Group A is in person
      • Group B must log in remotely
    From Wednesday on all students will be engaging in live classroom interaction from 8am - 2:45pm. The only difference will be whether they are sitting in the classroom or logging in from home.
  • Group A and Group B Split

    • It is our goal that all students living in the same household should be in the same group. If you have been split by mistake please contact jmarmul@catholiccentral.net.

    • Group A:
      • Seniors Last Name: ADDISON-KRAMER
      • Juniors Last Name: ABATE-KUMAR
      • Sophomores Last Name: ADAMS-LIANGIS
      • Freshmen Last Name: ABDELSAYED-JRAICHE

    • Group B:
      • Seniors Last Name: LALEV-ZAPPIA
      • Juniors Last Name: KUMMER-ZYCK
      • Sophomores Last Name: LING-ZARCO-YOKAYAMA
      • Freshmen Last Name: KAMMERAAD-ZOLTOWSKI
  • Student Class Schedules

    Student class schedules will be available on myCC by Sunday, August 16.
  • Shamrock LE@D (Fully Online Version)

    • Families can opt into fully online learning by completing this form.
    • Students who opt into the LE@D program will receive more information.
    • Enrollment is on a quartly basis.
    • Students remain eligible for co-curricular activities.
  • Daily Check In Form for Students

    • Students must complete this form every day before school.
    • Students must be signed in with their Catholic Central email address in order to access the form.
  • Transportation

    • Students can register for a bus pass here.
    • We are finalizing details regarding the carpool app CarpoolToSchool. More information will be shared as available.
    • Contact jmarmul@catholiccentral.net if you have questions regarding the Bus program.
  • Parking Passes

    • Are available for pickup in the Business Office.
    • Please visit this link to register if you still need to purchase a parking pass.
  • School Supplies

    • Students are required to provide their own device. You can find recommendations here.
    • Students need general school supplies (pens, pencils, notebooks, folders) and a TI-84 calculator is recommended for the math classes.
  • Dress Code

    • The dress code is detailed in the parent-student handbook.
    • Collared shirt tucked into dress pants with a belt. Tennis shoes are acceptable.
    • New for 2020-2021: Catholic Central crew neck sweatshirts will be allowed (with a collared shirt underneath).
    • Please note: Students participating in the LE@D program will be required to adhere to the dress code.
  • Textbooks

    Students should have received any supplemental textbooks by mail to their primary households in the last week or two.
  • TruFood Lunch Accounts

    • Parents can charge their son’s account on their parent myCC resource board. Click the TruFoods tile to begin.
    • You will need your student ID number (found on student myCC profile)
      • Incoming students should have access by 8/13
    • Students will need to know their student ID in order to purchase food in the cafeteria.
  • MAGNUS Health Forms

    All health forms should be uploaded to your Magnus Tile on your parent myCC resource board.
  • Parent-Student Handbook

    • Parents and students are required to sign the acknowledgement form accessible through their MyCC account.
  • Daily Morning Mass

    • Due to building restrictions morning Mass at 7:20 will be limited to students, faculty, and staff until further notice.
  • Success Workshops

    • Incoming students who missed the success workshops can find the information in their Class of 2024 myCC group.
    • It is freely available for you to explore, and it is your responsibility to make up the segments that you missed.

Upcoming Events

List of 8 frequently asked questions.

  • Protecting Young Eyes - 8/13

    • Parents, please join us for a Protecting Young Eyes presentation on Thursday, August 13 at 7pm.
    • We will be hosting the presentation on Zoom. Click here to register.
    • Learn more about Protecting Young Eyes here.
  • Summer Reading Test - 8/28

    • The Summer Reading Test will take place on Friday, August 28.
    • The building will be closed for electrical work.
    • English teachers will explain the details to their individual classes.
    • Summer Reading Book List
  • Academic Awards - 8/31

    • Will be held August 31 at 6:30 pm at Fr. Richard Elmer Stadium. 
    • Attendance is limited to the honoree and 2 additional members of their family.
    • Masks will be required.
  • Opening School Masses - 8/31 & 9/1

    • We will celebrate two opening Masses, the first on August 31 and the second on September 1 for the group on campus that day.
    • The Mass will be held in Fr. Richard Elmer Stadium and will be a distanced event.
    • Dress Code that day will be white shirt and tie.
    • Attendance is limited to students, faculty, and staff.
    • AOD guidelines for Mass is 50% of capacity for Mass. We will celebrate Eucharist distanced at 50% of capacity for student safety.
  • Cross Country Information

    For information regarding workout times and locations, please contact Coach Magni at amagni@catholiccentral.net

  • Football Information


    • Varsity:
      • 9am - 3pm  Monday, Aug. 10 - Wednesday, Aug 12
      • 3pm - 9pm    Thursday, Aug 13th - Friday, Aug 14th
      • 9am - 12pm   Saturday, Aug 15th
    • JV:
      • 3pm - 8pm  Monday, Aug. 10 - Thursday, Aug 13 
      • 3pm - 6pm   Friday, Aug 14
      • 9:30am - 12:30am  Saturday, Aug 15
    • Frosh:
      • 4pm - 8pm   Monday, Aug. 10 - Friday, Aug 14
      • 9am - 12pm  Saturday, Aug 15
  • Tennis Information


    • Varsity Tryouts:
      • See below for requirements
      • 8-11 am and 3:30-6 pm Wednesday, August 12
      • 8-11 am and 3:30-6 pm Wednesday, August 12
      • 8-11 am and 2-4:30 pm Wednesday, August 12
    • JV Tryouts
      • Open to all players from advanced beginners to intermediates
      • 12-2pm Wednesday, August 12 - Friday, August 14
    • Tentative Practices times starting August 17
      • Varsity 3:15-5:15
      • JV  3:15-4:45
    • Varsity tryouts are for advanced tennis players who have match play experience and are prepared to make a commitment to playing on the Varsity Tennis Team. You will be required to attend all practices and 16 matches. It is mandatory that you attend the following tryouts and you must be on time.  Players that do not make Varsity can choose to play JV.
    • Requirement to attend Varsity Tryouts
      • Last season Varsity Player
      • USTA ranked
      • Head Coach approval
    • Tryouts will consist of singles and doubles matches.
    • The Head Coach will select 16 players based on 
      • 1)Attitude and Sportsmanship 
      • 2) Receptive to Coaching and Ability to Focus 
      • 3) Match Results

  • Soccer Information


    • Wed.  Aug. 12
      • Varsity:   Baseball turf:  2p-4p
      • JV:           Grass:  2p-4p
      • F:             Baseball:  4p-6p
    • Thurs.  Aug. 13
      • Varsity:   Stadium turf:  12p-2p
      • JV:           Baseball:  3pm-5pm
      • F:             Grass:  4p-6p
    • Fri.  Aug. 14
      • Varsity:   Baseball turf:  2p-4p
      • JV:           Grass:  3p-5p
      • F:             Baseball turf:  4p-6p

“Teach Me Goodness, Discipline, and Knowledge” is the motto of the Basilian Fathers and the sacred mission of Catholic Central High School. For ninety years, the graduates of Catholic Central have made a positive impact locally, nationally, and around the world.